herd penalty

  1. JCHunter88

    In Progress Shepherd perk work the wrong way around

    Summary: The shepherd perk (riding level 175 bottom choice) should reduce the penalty for herding by 50% (half the penalty). What happens, is that is is added on top of it. So I have a herd penalty of -1.5 on top of that I get herding with -0.75, it is half but is does not get added to my speed...
  2. LDominating

    Need More Info Herd Penalty without anything in inventory

    Summary: After I escaped from imprisoment,I was left with 5 desert horses which gave me a 4 ms penalty for herd. I got rid of them but I still got the penalty,even after surrendering 2 to 3 times... How to Reproduce: Get imprisoned with horses and escape with a few horses. Have you used cheats...
  3. Resolved Herd Penalty When Escaping Captivity

    Lost a battle Got captured Trying to get home, but my speed is 3.4 I am alone, with a horse, not overburdened Seeing a herd penalty of 3.99. This is mostly what is taking me from the base speed of 4.99 to 3.4 What herd?!? I have no pack animals, sheep or cows. I have the horse I am riding, 1...
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