1. Modding helpme

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, I introduce myself, my name is EWolfUY and it will be a pleasure to be with you from now on. I have started with the modding of mount and blade warband native and I have some questions: --first...
  2. Resolved I need some help!

    After the 1.0.10 update my game is not starting anymore! I try to run on both the launcher and Steam and I was unsuccessful. I deleted and reinstalled the game and it remains the same, I would like an immediate return as it is strange to see things like that after an update.
  3. Please help a broke guy

    I`m not sure if this is allowed here.. can someone help .. I lost my job in hospitality because of this covid lockdown and now Im broke .. been waiting years for this masterpiece to be released .. snip
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