1. Need More Info A new bug - cant leave ONIRA premises

    Cant leave Onira premises as the game crashes and cant do anything to avoid it. I can go to the tournament, shops, walk around it for hours, but as soon as I am like 10 meters away, it crashes...
  2. When is it coming to console ?

    Hey guys sadly I don’t owe a PC anymore therefore I have to play it on PS4! But I can’t find any information about when the game will be out for PS4....can you help me ?:(
  3. Unsolved Problem with helpdesk site

    When I try to post an issue in helpdesk site: it says: "Couldn't post your support request!" I filled all fields and captcha, used valid e-mail address, and didnt used any special chars in text. My issue was 530 chars long. Also I suggest to use https on...