1. Unresolved Game Won't Launch, But Launcher Will

    On Steam. The launcher will open and work fine, but once I click "Play Mount&Blade" it plays the short "Taleworlds Entertainment" intro, and then never reaches the main menu. When fullscreened the whole thing will go invisible after playing the aforementioned intro, and eventually stop...
  2. NicoleUK

    WB Coding Gekokujo - trying to add stuff messes up the village icons - please help!

    So im modding Gekokujo and things seem to be compiling and building ok but even if i add the simplest of things i get the same error/bug in game - i get a red error message saying'failed to get mesh for town map 2' and all the icons for the villages revert back to native... is there a way to...
  3. Resolved Space'im bozuk ctrl+space yapamıyorum ne yapabilirim?

    Space yerine 'v' kullanıyorum fakat haritada bekle tuşu space olduğu için ctrl+space olmuyor. Ayrıca ayarlardan 'bekle' tuşu değiştirilmiyor ne olur nasıl olur bi bilen var mı?
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