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  1. Need help

    Hello, ive been playing bannerlord a lot recently and i was wanting to play some warband. I downloaded it off of steam, and the game wont launch. Steam says the game is running but the launcher wont even come up. I dont really know what to do to fix this. Warband has worked for me in the past...
  2. In Progress Xbox Series S Map stutter

    Summary: After recent update to version when in map view playing on my campaign save. Every 2-3 seconds the game freezes briefly (1 second) and then resumes again resulting in an extremely bad stutter and no input is recognized during the short stutters. This did not occur until the...
  3. Unresolved Bug with hair.

    When I created a character with this hairstyle, this happens. Other characters in the game also have this bug. Game version 2.06. I didn't change the game files.
  4. BL Other Help with unknown crash

    Hi! I've been trying to mod the game for a few days and when I thought i had fixed everything i started getting this crash after the tutorial when I'm traveling Exception information Type: System.NullReferenceException Message: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Source...
  5. serial key error

    hi i bought viking conquest and have been trying to reach someone cause the serial key that was sent is wrong and its not even long enough. please help me fix this or refund my money please that is not fair that so many people are buying from you and having same issues.
  6. Treasury problem

    Hello, My treasury is around 2 million florins and my kingdom doesn't have any debts but when i want to repair calradic ruins it says its too pricey. Or when i want to hire new people to council it says im afraid we most fill treasury first. Does anyone know how to solve this problem?
  7. gunnerr

    no eu servers on ps4

    there have been no eu servers for the past 3 days. not sure if its a bug, maintenance or whatever would just like to know what's happening and when they'll be back.
  8. Need More Info Launcher opens but won't start after clicking play

    Summary: When starting the game from steam, the launcher will start up and when selecting the option to Play or Continue, the game does not start. The game keeps running and I have to close the launcher on task manager or else it won't stop. How to Reproduce: Try to start the game as usual and...
  9. Army Of Darkness

    Need More Info Game works but all modules are greyed out.

    I installed the game again after having uninstalled it a while ago due to not playing it much, a few days ago I decided to install it again and once it installed and I'd started the game up I noticed in the launcher that all of the mods I previously installed when I played the game had also...
  10. WB Coding Add a object in multiplayer

    hello everyonne i'm sorry to demand that but i dont know were i can add a item to a class in multiplayer i see some tuto but that look different from me i have the script folder but nothing for unit in so i'm totally lost any help please ?
  11. Need More Info NEED Help My Bannerlord is Broken!!

    Summary:So I keep getting a error message saying that says “Application Crashed because of a fatal error when checking the sound bank files.” I’ve tried verifying my files thru steam and ice tried reinstalling the game and completely deleted all the files associated with the game. I’ve deleted...
  12. uravnobeshen

    Unresolved Extreme stuttering on world map

    Hello everyone. I have a major problem that doesn't let me play Warband anymore. I have been trying to play it for months now, but I can't. I remember playing it on potato PC and it had no problem running it. So, this problem is on every mod I play on some it’s a bit less, on some it’s more but...
  13. In Progress Mount And Blade Warband Crash problem in map and menus

    In the game, it stutters on maps and menus, but not in places such as battlefields system i5 7400 gtx1050 8gb ram
  14. Need More Info Crash big Crash

    Summary:I play, he says something safe, I don't go safe or I give yes, he gets loaded and crashes. How to Reproduce: I play, he says something safe, I don't go safe or I give yes, he gets loaded and crashes. Have you used cheats and if so which: no Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots &...
  15. Big ERROR [ Crash ]

    i need help .I made up to the driver, to the GPU, I reinstalled the game and it still doesn't work, all this stuff appears: end . I have GTX 1070.
  16. TheREALHayster

    In Progress Model & Animation Viewer Model Viewers not working as intended

    Hey I don't know if this is an Isolated thing but it's really getting annoying. For the last two patches I have been unable to use any model viewer other than the one in resource browser as it immediately causes the editor to freeze and then crash. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the...
  17. Resolved Help error to enter multiplayer

    Resumo : Hello good morning, my game goes normal in campaign mode but in multiplayer when I put to enter a box with the following information appears: 11:04:32: Installing BattlEye Service... 11:04:33: Failed to install BattlEye Service (4, 5). Como reproduzir : Nome da cena (se relacionado)...
  18. Resolved Crash while sieging Gersegos castle!

    Summary: Hey, Every time i siege this castle and start building siege equipment it crashes! tried so many times nothing changes... How to Reproduce:/ Have you used cheats and if so which: yes,troops Scene Name (if related):Gersegos castle Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs:
  19. Crash while sieging Gersegos castle!

    Hey, Every time i siege this castle and start building siege equipment it crashes! tried so many times nothing changes... Pls fix.
  20. Quest 'Destroy Raiders' by istiana crash!

    Hey, I just started my own kingdom and istiana gave me a second quest to destroy some raiders on my land So i hunted 3 parties down which led me to the 'boss' fight wich says 'Hunt down the conspiracy war party' but when i do the game crashes... tried skipping some days, moving location and...
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