health bar

  1. Yagababa

    WFaS Coding Health Bars

    Hey guys, sorry to double post. I found this code for a health bar presentation code, but for some reason they aren't appearing in-game. ("multiplayer_agent_hp_bar", prsntf_read_only, 0, [ (ti_on_presentation_load, [...
  2. Lusitani 5th Empire

    Troops Health Bar

    I had already thought of suggesting this and then I saw this mod. The health bar design looks a bit rough it can surely be improved by you guys. Add an universal health bar to all factions or make some color and art changes for each...
  3. RodLimitless

    Need More Info AI Horse HP bugged

    After doing some runs i realized that the AI horse starts with around 80% of the 100% hp. idk what caused this, i beleive maybe it was traveling on horse inside a town or something, thats like when i first realized it basically i was in a battle, i went headfirst and told soldiers to stay back...
  4. GG Cannon

    Key to swap your unit

    You could add a key in captain mode to immediately manually swap which of your units you are without dying when you are close to die. Also, it could be VERY useful to be able to see the health bar of your troops on the left or right side of the screen when pressing Tab key.
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