1. PROOFED Hacking Software

    Warband get flooded with Players using a cheap Hacking Software.I feel 50% of Players of the popular ´´MountandSiege´´ Siege Server using this hack with mostly aimbot,ESP( u can move and hit faster than others, slightly ,but this makes the difference between 2 veteran players) and autoblock. U...
  2. Cheater - using aimbot and advertising cheats website

    Look at how his camera automatically and instantly adjusts to the enemy players' position with aimbot precision, and how he mentions the cheat website's address in the chat.
  3. Smite

    Cheaters in bannerlord in EU servers "Beta"

    Hello there dear TaleWorlds, I have a complaint about the recent times i been playing this game for. Which is, the increase of players that play unfairly using Aim bot, Auto Block, moving and attacking speed hack. At the beginning I did not care that much because it was not noticeable and i...
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