1. Lord Goodfella

    Tweak for selecting different quests

    Hello, First off, I apologize if I posted this in the wrong section. Please direct me if I did wrong. Here's the thing: I try to tweak the quests for my game (Warband withDiplomacy Mod v1.4), I tried to use the famous 82 tweaks for M&B, but the quests tweaks there don't work, the codes inside...
  2. Sukuna Tempest

    New system

    What I dream about: -New religion system, -Relationship with people not clans. If you want make a summation so not everyone looks like a ant! Ex: Garios like you +15 / Nadea thinks you sucks -20 = clan don't trust you -5 -Why Towns/ Castles are not like in Warband, give villages to...
  3. Guild level

    Hi guys. The request is simple. I've been playing for a couple of days. I only have a few cities. But the clan level is already 6. I think it won't hurt anyone if you raise the max lvl of the clan to 10. Many adult players spend a few month to capture the map with realism and getting pleasure...
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