1. MrMaselko

    In Progress [1.4.0] Ground material on a siege map

    During a siege I've noticed that in some places there are bricks like these and these on the ground that slow down anyone that walks on them. They look just like the ones that stairs are made of and have the same slowing effect, so i guess the map designer was a bit sleep deprived.
  2. maxoverload91

    Unresolved [e1.0.2] Blue ?Pathing? Patch visible in entrance of Onira

    As the text says - there's a weird blue patch on the ground that fades in and out near the entrance of Onira some meters past the gates. It's on the left side of the road. I figure this is something from the game's pathing tool? If you go in the gates and go straight from there towards the...
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