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  1. Bunduk

    Resolved Character customization graphical bug with beards.

    Since early acces release i cant use some beards they are invisble or have a graphical bug. On the screenshoot downbelow you can see one of these beards what are not working and having an graphical bug.
  2. Bunduk

    In Progress Scene Editor Graphical bug after saving the scene.

    After i press the save button my whole scene gets graphical bugs. Only fixalbe by pressing on every single square sectors.
  3. In Progress graphical bug

    The mighty Borun has been transformed into a hedgehog xD I reinstall but it didn't solve the pb. My graphical drivers are uptodate. My position in the game seems to affect the bug. Computer Specs: OS: W10 GPU: gtx970 GPU...
  4. Lord_Greatbrow

    Resolved NPCs become glitched balls

    Summary: After a while of playing, certain NPCs, specifically ones that had some sort of fur (Battanian Oathsworn) would become giant, glitchy balls. This problem went away after a while but I'm seeing that a few others are having the same problem. How to Reproduce: I haven't been able to...
  5. Tashonla

    Resolved Texture missing

    Just a small thing I noticed, I'll try elaborate as best as I can. Summary: Companion "Col the Red" has a pink shield in the party screen after winning a battle and taking prisoners. The shield use my house banner, which is a bear standing that is light green and a dark green background. How to...
  6. Resolved Item pictures and NPC portraits glitch

    Items and portraits takes long time to load and then looks completely off. Textures covered in black or multicolored spotts. Portaits looks like NPC just crawled out of coal mine. In game models looks fine though. Tried to roll back graphic drivers, but it have no effect. Mods doesn't seem to...
  7. Need More Info The Puluc board glitches into the table in Sturgian Castles

    When a Sturgian Castle is conquered by the Khuzait the board game is replaced with Puluc. Unfortunately the Puluc board seems to be inside the table making it often impossible to actually play the game.
  8. Resolved Two Minor Graphical Bugs

    I can see the sky through these portion of the southern helmet with mail. Looks like the underside of the turban portion is marked transparent? my horse archers and maybe normal archers too seem to have loaded their quivers with quarterstaffs the only mod I am using is bannerpaste to restore...
  9. In Progress Highland Noble Bracers Graphical Glitch - e1.5.6

    Summary: Loaded up a save file from the previous day. Now all Oathsworn units and everyone who wears Highland Noble Bracers turns into a glitched graphical ball. I've already deleted the Shaders folder, verified the game files, and restarted the game multiple times to no avail. Deleting the...
  10. In Progress Graphical Glitch

    Still a student in Game Development, but I think this issue might be related to the texture maps. Again, I only use 3DS Max, Zbrush, Substance and Unreal. So, Don't take my word for it. Computer Specs: OS: Windows 10 Home, Version 2004, Build 19041.746 GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 GPU Version...
  11. Resolved Water not fully rendered at Urikskala Castle

    Summary: There's a stretch of water from the rear view of Urikskala Castle that is not rendered. How to Reproduce: Go to Urikskala and look out at the ocean from the cliffs Scene Name (if related): Urikskala Castle? Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: Windows 10 GPU: NVIDIA...
  12. Kierby

    Resolved Ghulam unit not showing properly

    Hello ! I recently got Ghulam unit from prisoners to my party. He have some bugged icon on party screen where i couldnt even tell that he is on camel or what. Here it is: This possibly have some influence on his battle appereance aswell, because his camel disapeared for a second when i rode...
  13. Kierby

    In Progress Small texture glitch report

    Sorry but i was not able to find any general list of bugs so i will put it here. Small texture glitch in Epicrotea in one of the streets.
  14. Resolved Weird animation graphics bug

    Summary: When the spearmen ready an attack, they turn into blocks from hell. How to Reproduce: I have no clue Quest/Settlement Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Version: 2020-06-20 idk Installed community-made modifications: none Computer Specs: OS: Win10 GPU: GTX1050Ti...
  15. Meaning481

    Resolved Previously solved graphical glitches returning in 1.4.1

    I have notice a return of some targets clothes re-rendering when being hit by arrows. Also... I found this gem of a glitch when in combat, speaking to some lords, or selecting a lord in custom battle. They are covered in a cloud of triangles. System specs and link to a screenshot below...
  16. Resolved Distorted Graphical Bugs & Troop AI Bug

    screenshots for bugged graphics screenshot for AI Loaded a saved game after that hotfix just gone on the stable branch of the Game on steam and some of my clans that joined my kingdom (seems to only be battanian clan members) have all turned into a distorted looking images. During battles as...
  17. Resolved Clans in Kingdom with Orange Banners

    Summary: The clans I convince to be part of my kingdom have orange banners. How to Reproduce: Unsure, though I used the banner editor and have a banner since before my kingdom was created. Quest/Settlement Name (if related): n/a Media (Screenshots & Video)...
  18. Meaning481

    Resolved Looters temporarily lose clothes after being hit by arrows

    Hello all. I've seen this mentioned in passing in other threads but not in a dedicated thread. Basically occasionally I will hit a looter with an arrow or crossbow bolt and their clothes will vanish. I'm currently playing the 1.2 beta branch on max graphics. I run an AMD rx570 graphics card...
  19. Need More Info Northern Light Harness off centre

    Minor thing but the harness is not properly centered on the horse model.
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