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  1. Resolved i see my character nude for a split second

    Summary: i see my character nude for a split second, and i belief it is of the tattered rugged gammbeson that i am wearing because with other body armor it loads the whole character and with this one it looks like it loads them separately. (and my slow pc) How to Reproduce: woman character with...
  2. BrokenOlive

    Resolved Broken troops images

    https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2423852878 Broken colouring. It also happens to regular troops.
  3. hollow232

    In Progress item textures don't load and my character's photo too

    the textures of the items do not load even appearing on the character, even the photo of my character does not load correctly.
  4. BrokenOlive

    Resolved Graphic bug behind Epicrota's bar.

    As stated if you go behind Epicrota's bar, you'll see this bug. A save file has been uploaded. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2242510159
  5. full_generation

    Resolved Colors intertwine at sunset and at sunrise. Brightness problem

    I'm on friends 1.3 main version. When I fight in the afternoon, the sunset, it becomes a color between bright and dark. Even if I fight at night, it's not such a bad color. Nothing is chosen during the war at sunset. Colors interlock. This is especially the case in sarranid cities and villages...
  6. Resolved Strange graphical glitches

    Summary: Graphic Glitch everywhere How to Reproduce: On every screen of the game even on main menu, icons, buttons Media (Screenshots & Video): https://pasteboard.co/J7BBtrV.png Version: e1.3.1.228624 Installed community-made modifications: No OS: Windows 10 Education 64-bit GPU: NVIDIA GeForce...
  7. Ruler Ruler

    In Progress Two handed Cleaver's graphics are bugged

    Summary: How to Reproduce: Go into any combat encounter with the two handed cleaver equipped Quest/Settlement Name (if related): none Media (Screenshots & Video): One handed use, two handed use Version: [e1.2.0 Beta] Installed community-made modifications: GayMarriage, BuyPatrols Computer Specs...
  8. Need More Info somthing is wrong with your update

    Summary: somthing is wrong with your update How to Reproduce: dunno Quest/Settlement Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video):first Clip from secend clips is from Version: Computer Specs: OS:win 10 GPU: xt 5700 radeon CPU:ryzen 3900x RAM:32gb Motherboard:msi x570...
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