1. kurageart

    Resolved DRM-free Warband linux version ?

    Hello, I own the entire Mount&Blade collection on steam , from the first mount&blade to bannerlord. The only title that haves a direct linux port is warband and his expansions. I wish to play warband on a mini pc, based on z8350 intel cherry trail processor, 2 gigs of ram, Lubuntu 20.04 and it...
  2. Linking box M&B to Taleworlds account

    I have 4 M&B games: basic M&B, Warband both from GOG.com and WFaS (2009) and WFaS (2011) both in box edition. I succeded to link only Warband and WFaS (2011). How can I link basic M&B from GOG.com and basic WFaS(2009)? When I try to link my WFaS(2009) activation key which is in the box...
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