1. Resolved Game Crashing on Gog

    Summary: I have 50 hours on the game, used to play it in 2021, reinstalled again to play on launch, waited for the updates on gog and when I tried to play it today I got this message: "This application faced a problem. We need to collect necessary files to fix this problem. Would you like to...
  2. GOG version for Geforce NOW

    We already have Steam and Epic version, it would be nice to have GOG version as well since it is now supported by the service. The fact that GOG is DRM free makes me want to buy the games from there.
  3. How is GOG updating Bannerlord?

    I bought Bannerlord last week and it was my first game on GOG, so I am still very unfamiliar with Galxy and how it handles games. After having played it for a few sessions, not last today afternoon, Galaxy started an update for 16 GB. Can anyone familiar with the platform explain to me how to...
  4. In Progress Main quest stuck at "Be an independent clan"

    Hi, I think there may be something wrong with my game's main quest. I served as a mercenary for a while (for Southern Empire), then left their kingdom (which should mean I was independent at that point, right?), then walked up to an Aserai lord and attacked them which initiated war between my...
  5. Resolved [BUG] Party role assignments are ignored

    (sorry if this is a known issue, I couldn't find it in the Known Issues list) Running latest "stable" release it appears that party role assignments are completely broken. The game ignores the assignments I give it and instead always assigns, to all roles that are "assigned", to the party...
  6. Linking box M&B to Taleworlds account

    I have 4 M&B games: basic M&B, Warband both from GOG.com and WFaS (2009) and WFaS (2011) both in box edition. I succeded to link only Warband and WFaS (2011). How can I link basic M&B from GOG.com and basic WFaS(2009)? When I try to link my WFaS(2009) activation key which is in the box...
  7. darthcircuit


    Any hope for early access on GOG at the same time as steam? I’d prefer to get a drm free version from the get go and I try to purchase all my games from GOG. Thanks! I’m looking forward to bannerlord!
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