1. SP - General Gladiator system.

    Im sure people have been posting something similar but will post my thoughts as well: Seeing a lot of nobles in a tournament made me want a gladiator system. Recruiting and training gladiators who become stars, similar to in the Roman Empire. Instead of caravans you travel around and compete...
  2. Sukuna Tempest

    SP - Player, NPCs & Troops New system

    What I dream about: -New religion system, -Relationship with people not clans. If you want make a summation so not everyone looks like a ant! Ex: Garios like you +15 / Nadea thinks you sucks -20 = clan don't trust you -5 -Why Towns/ Castles are not like in Warband, give villages to...
  3. Bloc

    SP Native Antiquity Ludus - Gladiator Schools

    Ludus adds a completely new business opportunity for you. In all Imperial cities, you can find a "Ludus" - a gladiator school. You can buy, train your slaves as gladiators, sell them and much more. All schools are inside the game's sandbox simulation - means that they are sustaining their own...
  4. TCgreywolf

    SP - General Gladiators mode!

    I'm not gonna lie I was a bit disappointed at how basic and simple the arena function is, I really thought it would have been expanded and fleshed out more. Just like how you can become a mercenary, I want there to be an option to become a gladiator! You go from town to town, fighting in...
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