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  1. Lornloth00

    Companion wealth and auto equip their gear

    Please give the player information about how much money the companions has made. In Warband some mods showed each characters amount of gold and the companions also had gold that they earned over the course of the campaign. It would be nice if the companion would automatically by their gear...
  2. Rough Tied Bracers are too good

    As the title suggests I am posting this to draw attention to an admittedly minor issue, but one that irks me all the same. Rough Tied bracers are *way* too good. It's to the point where it's actually hard to find upgrades, playing Imperial I have to get full lamellar plate gauntlets to beat...
  3. Lusitani 5th Empire

    Light occlusion produced by head gear

    Often times the light occlusion in the head when wearing head gear doesn't look realistic. Light occlusion and lightning in general should be taken as higher priority, as it is one important factor that makes the game look good or bad. As we all know visual fidelity in games is quickly ramping...
  4. DennyWiseau

    TW please let us retrieve the gear of dead companions

    1+ million gold worth of gear just poof because of bad rng, please fix it
  5. Lusitani 5th Empire

    Dirty Gear

    The idea is simply to have a layer of dirt build up over time. This would be a visual thing or it could have a negative effect on the equipment and/or something like your persuasion/chance of success in dialogs. You would also have a way to clean it Doing it yourself with the implementation of...
  6. Rabenra

    There should be another way to level up your vassals other than to have them in your party.

    Right now I have two vassals running around with 5 skill points, a focus points and some skills I can choose but to be able to do that I need them to die, then I need to find them and add them to my party, just to be able to give them the stats they earn. And also they dont seem to improve their...
  7. On Equipments: a new slot - accessories

    As the title says, it's a bit heart broking that you have to chose between using a pauldrons (shoulder armors) or using a cloak/cape/scarf It would be nice to get a new slot for accessories, only one and this would include the textiles pieces stated above Thanks
  8. BETA1.3 Trading gear with companions not possible anymore

    I cant trade gear anymore since that patch. The buttons next to my charactername not trough inventory nor through tradescreen. They are confirmed in my army.
  9. Sir Pwn-A-Lot

    Resolved Beta e1.3.0 - Unable to preview gear in trading menu

    Summary: It's now impossible to preview gear in trade menu without putting it on, only "Buy and equip" button is available. Yet on gear that character can't equip due to skill restrictions the equip button still works as preview. How to Reproduce: Click on any equippable item while trading it...
  10. List of bugs / balance issues I encountered so far.

    Hey, I'm what you would consider a veteran player of M&B series. I have 1000 on warband on steam, but I own physical copy of the original game at least 10 years now and I have lots of hours on it too :) I have only 25 hours thus far on Bannerlord but those are within two days (duh). I assume...
  11. emagut

    Need More Info Visual glitch witch armor piece

    Started a new game with this update and this started to happen in the encyclopedia, by accident found that these gloves are the ones creating the visual glitch and i'm not sure if there's more Edit: And also this quest won't disappear Cheers, keep up the good work!
  12. Need More Info Bug: Gear Color Comparison Missing.

    Summary / Reproduction: Very soon into a new campaign (it initially works correctly), the color coordination of comparing new gear to currently-equipped gear, breaks. Whenever I hover over new gear, it will show both my current gear and the new gear side-by-side and each of their respective...
  13. Koiashi

    SP Native <Currently Closed> Mount&BladeII:Warband Remaster (A Warband Remaster in Bannerlord)

    This single-player mod would do a simple, but very wanted action! See all of Warbands Map, NPCs, items, locations, and more added into the new, and awesome Bannerlord game! Why? Others, and I love Bannerlord, a lot! It’s a great game and has so many awesome improvements and new features, with...
  14. Vlandian's don't have any real purchasable armor

    I have been playing for about 9 hours straight (love the game) but the Vlandian armor selection is broken. I haven't seen a single piece of torso armor better than a Western Gambeson, not a single piece of mail or plate armor, including shoulders. I see STEPPE HORSE armor constantly in Vlandian...
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