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  1. Resolved Garrison Troops

    How to Reproduce: I Garrison my troops and it makes my daily gold charge outrageous. Just captured a castle clan level 2 IDK if that makes a difference Quest/Settlement Name (if related):Mazhadan Castle Media (Screenshots & Video)...
  2. Lords stealing troops from your castles and needs to be stopped

    It'd be cool if there was a system for it where the lord could meet with you or send a message and request certain troops, maybe offering payment or as a favor. Then you could decide whether you wanted to hand off 50 well-trained soldiers for gold or decline to focus on keeping your fief safe...
  3. Suggestions to fix Prosperity / Food / Garrison interactions

    The Problems and Solutions: Town Upgrades Are Broken - A few tweaks could fix issues easier than directly balancing food / prosperity numbers. Irrigation should be a permanent 3/3 upgrade - not a daily default Irrigation 3/3 upgrade should provide enough food for AT LEAST the max capacity of...
  4. Garrison vanishing at home city

    So I took over a city and started my own nation. I keep placing a nice Garrison at that main city and they keep vanishing Despite not being attacked. Very weird issue and there is no assigned Govenor so its not that they are getting rid of the troops. Any ideas?
  5. ChicoSmoothSkin

    Prisoners and Dungeons

    I would love to be able to stash prisoners in dungeons and have the ability to slowly convert them, so that they can later join the Garrison and I can recruit them from there. As of now they just stay there and do nothing, I have to bring them back to my party, have the burden of them staying...
  6. wherearewee

    Garrisoned castles should have soldiers drilling in the yard/patrolling the walls

    Archers should be manning the towers and looking out over the land It would make the world feel more alive. I've got almost three hundred warriors garrisoning my castle but when I take a walk around it's a barren wasteland
  7. Prosperity leads to starvation, starvation leads to desertion, desertion lead to the easy sieges.

    At the moment my campaign is at 400 day. Every city and most of the castles on the map are starving because average prosperity of 6000-8000 gives like -100 to food production. I've tried to counter it with my army mule over to my main city all the food. IT helped for like 2 days than all the...
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