1. Mr.Chicken

    Resolved [Main Branch v1.1.0] Can't take over gang alleys, as the UI won't show my troops, only prisoners.

    Summary: I'm doing a bandits only playthrough, where gang alleys are a big part. Every time I try to take over a gang alley, I cannot put any of my own troops in the alley as the game's UI does not show my troops, but shows only prisoners This bug was reported before here and was marked...
  2. Bandit Role-Play

    I know this is broad, but there should be more options and events for those that want to do an illegal type of playstyle. Everything is geared towards being a noble and leader of kingdoms. What if you wanted to be a Robinhood instead? Be able to run bandit camps and operations. Have wars with...
  3. five bucks

    What happened to "building a criminal empire"?

    Publicly showcased Bannerlord gameplay demo from 2016:']Devblog which followed the demo: Steam Store page description, visible to everyone buying Bannerlord since March 2020: For 5 years, Taleworlds has told the 5,000,000+ people...
  4. Lazregamesh

    Should i clear out extra Gang leaders in my towns? Will merchants/artisans replace them if i do?

    I am just wondering if it is worth it to clear them out, do they actually leave or will the same person come back but now he hates you?
  5. Pascal Schmidlin

    Thoughts on the future of Bannerlord: Civilian Equipment, Disable Birth and Death etc.

    Hello you guys, I just wanna talk a bit about what I'd like to see in the future and some changes. Civilian Equipment I'd love to have more options for civilian equipment. I want to equip my mace in towns (and make use of that to be blunt perk). Or at least the smithing hammer. I get you...
  6. Premackattack

    Engaging and player-driven village, city, castle, and keep scenes: Your ideas?

    Reposting from this thread in general discussions. Posting here to see if other people have similar ideas we can compile here. Villages, cities, castles, and keeps are beautiful. Unfortunately however, there isn't much reason to go in and appreciate all that apart from some quests for very...
  7. TheGioManDude

    Ability to go Full Bandit/Unaffiliated with a full Fledged Crime World with diferrent Factions

    Currently banditry is shallow. The Roguery Skill is not utilizable very much. All bandits attack our PC no matter what we do. You could make it so that, just like there are kingdoms and principalities, there could be different factions for the unlawful types where each controls different...
  8. Twezie

    Things to do in cities & Gangs

    Issue: There are beautiful city and village scenes in the game, but no reason to go explore them. Solution: Gangs ( and possibly the addition of criminal influence ) (I know gangs are going to be implemented at some point, but heres some thoughts on how they could be improved or expanded upon)...
  9. Bannerman Man

    Resolved Thugs are stuck in place during a street fight when fleeing the first fight, then returning and restarting the fight. [Video Demo Included]

    Summary: When picking a street fight with thugs in a town's Backalley, Clearing, Waterfront, etc., then fleeing from the fight to the point that the thugs stop chasing you, they will stay frozen to one spot if you return and attempt to fight them again, making it easy to kill them. Seems to...
  10. Thugs in towns

    Thugs in the backstreet for example appear to be way to strong. This very very cool feature is a little ruined by the fact that the player cannot move in with the same amount of fighters to get rid of them, but only with two companions who get surrounded and slain instantly (even with the most...
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