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  1. Resolved Spawned outside of City when doing mission

    When starting the fight in the quest, Me and some of my men are spawned outside of the city walls rather than in the city (the city being Amprela), and I have to manually deal damage to the city gates without help of my men (as they are walking as if they are inside the city). The mission was...
  2. josher_jose

    Need More Info BUG, in Lycaron and attacking gang leader backstreet or waterfont

    spawn point out of the city after attacking a gang leader, backstreet or waterfont point, the gates of the city are closed, it happened in lycaron, tested 4 times, in the 3 time some ranged units spawned inside the city. in the 5 and 6 time when i open the party tab before the last fight in the...
  3. City Gang New Unkillable Mafia

    So I recently discovered the waterways gang in my city, and naturally I engage the thugs with my 7 companions. Now, I kill the original 8 in the streets but after a few prompts that more are gathering and to wait until they come near - I then go in to fight the gang leaders gang. What laid...
  4. Anoraks

    Çete Savaşı sonrası crash...

    Epictea diye bi yer var orda haydutları yoldaşlarımla patakladıktan sonra daha büyük adamlarla gelmesini bekledik sonra liderlerli geldi kaçmana izin veriyorum diye ama ben de savaşmayı tercih ettim ve sonrasında oyun crash yedi.
  5. Unresolved Gangangriff spawn verbugt in Iyakis

    Wenn ich deinen Gangstandort in Iyakis einnehme und dann von den Gangmitgliedern angegriffen werde spawnen diese auf eine Hausdach und sind unerreichbar. Dadurch sind sie nicht zu besiegen.
  6. Compatibility Issue with Troop Training Quest and Gang Leader Quest

    I took a quest for one of the gang leaders, which made me wait a couple of days. I went to a nearby town to grab another quest and got a train troops quest, so I got 10 borrowed men. When I went back to put down the rival gang in the city, no matter what action I chose, I would fail the train...
  7. ForgottenTree

    Gang Mechanics

    Are gang mechanics implemented yet? After beating both beating the 4 inital thiefs and the following wave of thiefs, the game does not give any options or indication that I have taken over the spot. Is this a bug, am I too stupid for this or is it not implemented?
  8. xDizzyBx

    Need More Info Fight between rival gangs CTD before or during the fight.

    I have been trying to win this fight. I lose everytime as there are lots of more fighters in the rival gang so I load my save and try again. Sometimes during the dialogue when the fight is about to start the game CTD, other times during the fight. After that I get a notification to send a...
  9. Bannerlord gang fight crash

    My crash details are in this link. The crash report system also had an error, thats why I'm putting it up here. Maybe it'll help.
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