1. Royal Tournament

    Tournaments are held in the cities of rulers. Only lords participate. Prize - expensive armor Tournament Stage 1 - Mini battle The player chooses a team and equipment in battle controls the soldiers. Stage 2 - Brotherhood the player chooses a partner, they fight against two-elite fighters...
  2. Com783

    Resolved Max Amount of Save Games: 5 GB? After that crashes.

    Summary: There might be a limit for save games, but who crashes ongoing saves? How to Reproduce: You are only be able to make about 92 saves for your singleplayer and 1 autosave, which is about 5 GB and every other try to make a new save, makes your crashes go corrupt. Quest/Settlement Name...
  3. Hitman™

    Open How to add games that I owned in my profile.

    Hi, sorry I dont know where to post this. Want to know how do I add games that I owned on steam to my profile as badge.
  4. Lyrdione

    Epic Games ve Steam Fiyatları

    Farklı mı olacak? Epic Games üzerinde kaç TL ye satılacak bilgisi olan var mı?
  5. Catmia Games

    Catmia Games

    This is just a group that I will create to get people interested in my company, feel free to join and give me any suggestions for games to create for future references. Forum : (Still in development) Add me on PS4: TylerWilley04
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