1. SP - Player, NPCs & Troops Changes to recruitment and play style

    I have been thinking about the game and how it could gain more depth. I would like to suggest a few changes to the way in which the game operates which I think would make it much more immersive. My suggestion is that you begin the game with a few realistic options which are effected by the...
  2. SP - Player, NPCs & Troops What is the point of this mechanic?

    I really want to know what the point of the mechanic that all armies drop off huge amounts of their troops into the garrison of the town they just took is. I know why you can elect to do it- because you have extra troops, ones you dont want or can recruit better ones so you exchange what you...
  3. Bannerlord animasyon sorunu

    Warbanda bi mod oynuyordum mod bayağ güzel bi mod ama ben sadece tek elli ve çift elli kılıçların savunma ve saldırı animasyonunu değişirdiği için rahat bi ekstra 10-20 saat oynamışımdır daha sonra mount and blade den sıkılmadığım için bannerlorda indirip onu da modliyip girdim ama hiç o tarz bi...
  4. VVL99

    blacksmith craft

    Blacksmithing should consist of the following steps: 1. Study of the selected part (theory, book). 2. Manufacturing, quality improvement with repetition. 3. Combining parts into a finished product. such a system will save you from unnecessary actions and endless stages.
  5. SeniorsLord

    Bannerlord Gameplay - Looters vs Mounted

  6. Lock garrison

    Is there a way to lock the garrison troops? I mean to make sure that no other clan members can add or take troops. I already disabled auto recruit but that does not stop my family to add troops to garrison or to take troops when creating a new clan party and donating zero initial troops.
  7. Farticle

    Do you like Maces right now?

    I don't know the calculation for bludgeoning damage versus armor but in my unqualified opinion it doesn't seem to measure up to the raw damage of axes and swords. Anyway here's a poll, and if you don't mind stating your reasons and how you would change it if you vote no I'd really appreciate it.
  8. Fyren338

    *Eight simple ways to improve Banner lord multiplayer and a poll to see the priority.

    PSA You can vote more than once I think voting for all of them is based. In response to some of the replies I agree that the crashing servers is a higher priority and have added that to the vote. I also wrote a thesis in another recent thread I created explaining all of this which was derailed...
  9. Fyren338

    Why aren't players allowed to be good at this game?

    I think it's really annoying when you get hit, and then you can't do anything for half a second except pray. Unfortunately Taleworlds doesn't answer prayers and every time you take a hit, you take another hit, and another hit, and you die. You aren't allowed to stop them because it's stunning...
  10. Resolved 1.7.2 Found bugs

    Summary: 1) MuTorere is not increase relationship with lords (maybe any game is not increase) 2) NPC's eyebrows are blink permanently in encyclopedia How to Reproduce: 1) play MuTorere with any vlandian lord and win. I won two female lords, but nothing happends. Also I suppose it works with...
  11. Lukee123

    More depth ideas for improved gameplay

    Was thinking about what this game was missing and thought to put some words to paper- feel free to add- yes, some of these ideas may not be possible within the current dev progression but the dynastic and living/ruling as a lord element just seems abundant and quite shallow in its current state...
  12. Grimmjow

    Sağlam Fiyata Satılan Demircilik Kombinasyonları

    Evet aslında konu açık. Yeni save açtım ve şimdi demircilik yeteneğim 210 civarında lakin hâla istediğim fiyatlarda (yaklaşık 80k - 100k civarı) para getiren bir silah kombinasyonu oluşturmadım. Mevcut olarak genelde 20k - 30k civarı para getiren kombinasyonlar oluşturdum. Bu sebeple bu konu...
  13. SP - Player, NPCs & Troops Militia recruitment

    Once you are the owner of a town or castle it would be a nice feature to be able to recruit militia and veteran militia troops. It would require limitations to stop it from being a mass cheap army. If your militia was 400 you could conscript 200 from a city or 100 from a castle. It would reduce...
  14. KtyLe

    Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord Çözünürlük Bug ! böyle bir sorunla karşılaşıyorum , lütfen yardımcı olabilir misiniz ? bu konuda hiç bir yerde açıklama bulamadım eğer çözen olursa para göndericem net .
  15. Safety_Tree

    Best use of Skirmishing Units?

    Hey, so I’ve been getting more and more into skirmishers/hybrid infantry in captain mode, but the outcome seems hit or miss (pun intended), especially with Sturgian Brigands. Are there any tips you would like to share in using them effectively? All answers related to “they’re trash don’t ever...
  16. GMBarak

    Control Calradia in about 10 years, the snowball problem, game difficulty and presenting my playstyle

    Hello friends, I create a YouTube playlist where I show my playstyle which shows how to gain control over the entire map in about 10 years at the hardest difficulty level with no exploits. This gameplay shows why it's not a problem that the AI is getting bonuses in money and units and keeps...
  17. thefirst1nvad3r

    [Traduzione ITA ] Gameplay Campagna Completa

    [Traduzione ITA ] Gameplay Campagna Completa Playlist intera Ciao a tutti! Vi presento la mia prima serie di video gameplay su YouTube nella quale giocheremo tutta la campagna di Viking Conquest con la Traduzione in Italiano, realizzata da me, @JabdiMelborn e @Fabiano_il_Capo! Ho deciso di...
  18. Grimmjow

    Sadakat Arttırma

    Harbiden nedir bunun çözümü? Vali atıyorum kültürü farkli diye -1 sahibi benim kültür farklı -3, kafadan -4 le başladık. Atadıgım valinin vekilliği yüksek olsa dahi perklerin pek bir etkisini göremiyorum. Çok fazla bu cezalandırma ve isyan artık kaçınılmaz oluyor. Bunun oyunda bizi zorla...
  19. Tharos_PT

    SP Native Friendly Lords

    Download NexusMods: Description Did you ever want to play The Sims in Bannerlord? Well, you can't, but this mod is pretty cool! This mod makes the NPCs more interesting with complex social behavior. Do you think that you can find...
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