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  1. kaide

    Muted for saying 'horse archers are homosexual'

    It might sound petty but I came onto the game today to find that I was muted. I think this is because iI said in a passing comment on the Skirmish Mode, "that horse archers are homosexual". Someone must have reported me which is ironic; A) I am homosexual. B) I, myself was a damn horse archer...
  2. Krin

    i said bad words tw muted me :'(

    insert cringe comment here
  3. Muted: Abusive Chat

    I would like to know what caused me to get a mute? BL ID #: StrangeLoop#6809
  4. SoulPlayYouTubeRU

    The local "Mute" must be eternal - TaleWorlds, please hear!

    Sorry for bad english. There are many trolls in multiplayer. This is not a problem, but I get tired of throwing them "Mute" again every time. I cannot and do not want to remember the nickname of each troll. The "Mute" function, called up on the TAB button in the table, helps, but ... "Mute"...
  5. Lord Ferdinand

    Resolved [SOLVED] Game muted after a crash (how to fix)

    Hi guys, the problem is solved but I didn't know how to change the tag. I thought to tell my experience for those who have the same problem. I had a crash some days ago after I wanted to go in the option menu during a battle. Then I had another crash trying to go in the option in the main menu...
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