game balance

  1. Bleyck

    SP Native Iron Will - Wound Experience

    Iron Will - Wound Experience With inspirations from Kenshi, this true "survival of the fittest" experience makes your troop battle hardened by just the simple fact of not dying after a possible fatal blow. This decreases the grind for upgrading low tier troops and actually rewards the player...
  2. Solding the starting mace

    Hello there. You are able to sell your starting mace two times. Two times because its equiped in both Battle AND Civilian outfits at the start of the game. That sale that also earns you +6000 dinars, even in early game. Is it intendeed ? Have a nice day.
  3. BitterAsteroid

    Issues With Children

    Hey Dev's, I am hoping that you guys are planning on fixing the child birth rate issues and things like that as it was kinda funny at first but now I am having children left and right and am trying to do an RPG playthrough..... I know its EA so I'm not say "broken game" I'm just hoping you can...
  4. N.tony

    Leveling system and level caps

    I have seen the changes made to the leveling system, and while it looked like it went down a bit, there was still something I found fishy about the level caps... After playing one campaign on the main branch and starting a new one, I've noticed that the overall leveling requirements gets really...
  5. Ogagon

    Riding, and athletics skill gains (beta 1.1.0)

    Hi! I feel like the rate at which you gain athletics skill, and riding skill, is too fast. I feel a bit dirty when I see that my riding has gotten up to 120, when my bow is still at 70. I think this should be balanced so that riding, and athletics skills are gained at a slower rate than the...