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  1. Lornloth00

    Gangleaders & Gambling

    Gang leaders for now don't do much in the game. One thing gang leaders could do is to run illegal gambling operations that the player can invest in or participate in, in some form or another. The player can bet on tournaments or wars through gang leaders. The player can earn money from gamblers...
  2. Apocal

    Allow for Influence to be used in the Army (War Councils)

    Right now, there is extremely little interactivity when it comes to being a member of an army. You are forced either to follow the army's leader, leave the army or (extreme measure) forcibly disband it. Instead, why not add a "War Council" for big events such as: On army creation (+/- 3 days?)...
  3. More Immersive Practice Fights

    I have a problem with the Practice Fights in Bannerlord (and Warband). They do not feel right, because their unfair rules would most probably never exist in reality. The Practice Fight Setup Itself The last man standing gets 250$, but the fighters are entering the arena man by man … that’s...
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