1. What is the point of this mechanic?

    I really want to know what the point of the mechanic that all armies drop off huge amounts of their troops into the garrison of the town they just took is. I know why you can elect to do it- because you have extra troops, ones you dont want or can recruit better ones so you exchange what you...
  2. Halvdan

    Village improvements

    Village improvements need to be implemented so the beginning of the game is more interesting. A player should enjoy having just a small fief and developing it before they seek getting a castle or a city. This was implemented in a war band and prove the early gameplay significantly and allow...
  3. I’m having fun

    Let me just preface this with: I’ve been playing M&B for a very long and time mostly warband and when bannerlord came out I figured I’d let the game marinate for a bit before trying it as I consider myself a “hardcore” fan. Well, I finally got Bannerlord and boy am I having a lot of fun. No the...
  4. Spyware

    How would you imagine a reworked economy should be like? Fun Discussion.

    This isn't a suggestion but a fun thought experiment. Bannerlord in the base game centers around social ladder climbing and combat. Thus, the whole game caters to the sustaining of those endeavors. As such, currency or denars just comes out of thin air and inflation is more than inevitable, it's...
  5. Yokasta


    Im going to try not to be mainstream here...but battle mode sucks now a days, options are: warband unbalanced matchmaking or spiking turkish servers. So If ANY clan or person is interested in clan war BATTLE events...feel free to contact... We at AT clan are looking for active players or ppl...
  6. Ananda_The_Destroyer

    Amenon in prisoned in his own town? Mystery or bug?

    Poor guys locked up in his clan's own town, he's really in there too and can be prison broke. Looks like Thais of the Gillman captured him last I almost broke him out of the prison (only 10k why not?) RIP, at least I know they can actually die in the prison breaks, had never seen it happen...
  7. Ikea Knight

    EU Skirmish Completed BanneRumble Sign up

    BanneRumble Since Beast #5 is postponed and not everybody is interested in the Nations' Cup, I sat down and with the help with Aeronwen I came up with a small event that I hope to be entertaining. Teams will face each other in quick succession so long frustrating stomping matches will...
  8. Ikea Knight

    Annoyed by Jav-Cav

    I know the competitiv scene is having discussion about throwing weapons almost every day now but usually it is concerning inf vs cav or inf vs inf. I wanted to have this thread because I am absolutly annoyed by the use of javelins in cav vs cav situations. Recently, the meta changed in such a...
  9. Ananda_The_Destroyer

    Being a Lone Clan, the AI goes very easy on you, easy peace, no wars declared, is it intended? [All versions]

    When you are a lone clan (not ruler or vassal) you can easily make peace after attacking a faction, sometimes even receiving barter money despite the obvious power advantage of the faction. Once at peace they will never attack you, even if you take fiefs from them. This makes being a lone clan...
  10. Ananda_The_Destroyer

    Big thread about single player exploits! What are your favorites? What are problems?

    I'm just going to loosely define an exploit as thing you can do in the game that gives you and advantage that is more then you would expect. Gonna just describe the one's I know and what I think about them. Retreat is always the best option: You can always retreat and re-set the map, re-fill...
  11. method man

    Spooky Taleworlds Adventure (Forum Game)

    Hello Gamers, Something spooky is afoot in the Taleworlds forums... Posts are DISAPPEARING ON THEIR OWN!!! An innocent post about the upcoming combat patch VANISHED INTO THIN AIR! Then, the replies were also gone. This is Spooky Taleworlds Adventure, the forum game. Here's the vanishing post in...
  12. CptMiller

    The Iron Guard [EU]

    About Us The Iron Guard is a Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord clan. Formed by a group of friends that has been playing together since 2015.Through teamwork and by having fun we strive to become one of the best clans the community can offer. The Iron Guard is a mercenary army, existing out of...
  13. chowski

    Envy [NA/EU] *recruitment semi open*

    art credits _____________________________________________________________________________________________ No cringey rp bio backstory here, just a group of people that wanna have fun together. Envy is a group that aims to form when private servers come out. Our goal is to play against other...
  14. Starting a clan

    Hi ! Gonna make it straightforward, Im currently recruiting people who want to get or get back into competitive in warband, for fun or for more serious notes. We obviously own our own server (BG_Battlegrounds). If interested, add me on discord : PolarVibes#5688 Have a wonderful day nerds :)
  15. Krems


  16. A.K.D

    How I perceive the beta of Mount and Blades 2

    Youtube Link: Enjoy the head cinema and flash backs. What experiences have you had that produced a smile or a laughter? With kind regards A.K.D
  17. TSB Super Fun Super cool Super Stream

    Announcing the TSB Super fun Super cool Super stream! To celebrate the release of bannerlord, Tsb will be doing a Livestream on it's release date! This will be as fun as fun can get, joined by some of gaming's finest hosts Fun fengay and Platinum disco, Tsb will celebrate a night of wholesome...
  18. Captain Mode FR

    Captain Mode FR

    Captain Mode FR est un serveur Discord. Lien : Je vous invite à rejoindre le Clan et le Discord si vous êtes intéressés :grin: Ce serveur existe afin de permettre à tous les joueurs francophone M&B 2 Bannerlord qui le souhaitent de jouer en équipe au capitaine mode...
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