full invasion

  1. Cquarto91

    Full Invasion 3 Peasant crossbowgirl

    1st time playing it so insane lol I didn't know you could become elite crossbowman until I played today lol.
  2. Johannator

    MP [FK] Full Invasion EU Server

    The Freikorps Gaming Community is proud to present our dedicated FI2 EU server! We aim to establish a fun and active FI2 server moderated by the [FK] Community. You are welcome to join our *Discord* at any time, either for casual play, or for our weekly Thursday public events where we will have...
  3. Feldmarschall Ben

    [EXTRAVAGANZA]-Events in Warband (Aktuell 2020)

    Hallo dt. Community. In der Hoffnung, dass BANNERLORD Nostalgiker auch nach Warband zurückbringt, mache ich Angebote und Werbung im Dienste der dt. Community. Events - Events - Events. Einleitung Ja, richtig gehört, es werden auch 2020 noch zahlreiche Events veranstaltet. Größtenteils in...
  4. [KoG] Kingdom of Gondor

    [KoG] Kingdom of Gondor

    Welcome to the Kingdom of Gondor. This is an ancient Mount and Blade clan, built around a community of gamers who love LOTR and Mount and Blade. Gondor is ruled by Three Great lords. We are the veterans of the Full Invasion 2 clan with the same name. Our clan’s structure is built on a system...
  5. Maroon

    [Co-op] Full Invasion: Osiris

    Introduction The next chapter in Invasion mods, Full Invasion: Osiris is a brand new Invasion mod, brought to you by the developers of Full Invasion 2. Two years in the making, Full Invasion: Osiris is a cooperative multiplayer mod in which a small group of players fights off one of several...
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