forest bandits

  1. Ananda_The_Destroyer

    {1.5.1 beta, 1.5.2 beta} Caravan Ambush quest sends only recruit allies? Other minor (Bushwhackers)concerns!

    I don't know if this is a bug, a design change, or just my own misunderstanding but after doing many caravan ambush quests in boht 1.5.1 beta and now 1.5.2 beta I see only recruits sent with the caravan master. In the older versions I remember it being more developed troops and that fits with...
  2. Need More Info BUG: Camel saddle going crazy and forest bandits troops are babies

    As the title says, the is something very wrong with the graphical apart about camel saddle of the ghulams, it's a rare and bad bug that often causes crashes, each of their saddles elongated constantly arround the battle scene in any direction very fast. The second bug is that every troop in the...
  3. Forest Bandits Hideouts and more Hideout Fixes

    I was thinking the Forest Bandit Hideout map needs a change. The Forest Bandits all aggro as soon as you attack most of the groups / mobs and given the difficulty of trying to change the line of sight of units I reckon the way to fix the hideout easily is to change the map to have more cliffs/...
  4. Tsewe

    Unbalanced Hideouts

    Hideouts are way too hard most of the times. A village elder sent me on a quest to clear a forest bandit hideout nearby. Fine, I told him, I'm gonna be ok with my top tier troops. But no. Why? Because there were more than 30+ of them in that hideout. And we're 8. Even with top tier equipment...
  5. Bandit hideouts change

    Would be great to change dealing with hideouts, something like siege them or let us choose men who will go with us or waiting till night is that necessarily? Also these forest bandits in hideouts are insane and very hard to deal with (insane aim). I think players would apperciate that.
  6. Bandit Hideouts need to be rebalanced.

    I am following the main story line and have an army of fairly well trained veterans around level 21 and am currently stuck and demoralized on collecting the last pieces of the banner. Azargos points me towards a forest bandit hideout and no matter how I seem to approach it on easy difficulty...
  7. Need More Info [Crash Bug] Game Crashes loading fights with Forest Bandits & Looters

    I've tried changing the resolution, gfx settings etc. nothing helps every time I try and engage these groups my game Crashes
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