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for developers

  1. Should MP developers be fired? VOTE IN POLL

    So many failures, it's just inexcusable. Objective mistakes, not even game mechanics. Broken servers while adding new maps and changing features nobody cares about. I can't imagine how a company would implement a chat filter that works like this. Quantity = quan***y because it contains a word...
  2. Realistic battle situations

    Hi, I have this problem that comes up in many situations. You have a slower army charging an enemy who ends up in combat allowing you to catch up to them. You can't get involved.... if both are enemies why can't the map start with them in mid battle and all you need is to charge in. If one is...
  3. swally0ne

    1.5.10 Prisoner Bug?!

    Hey Taleworlds&Community. I found a weird bug on todays Session. You can see right here just wanted to let you know. Love the Patch so far, Great Changes to control Situations!
  4. Making a fan website for Bannerlord

    Good day to you warriors! My name is Dmitry, I am a Java/Javascript Junior developer. I was seeking for a great idea for my very first ambicious web project. Bannerlord seems to be a perfect case, because I love it so much and it has a lot of data to display for fans. However, there is a...
  5. Middovah


    Bence oyundan birisi ayrıldığı zaman diğer oyunlardaki gibi bir bot gelebilir, o da ok yay alır sinif seçer ve bizimle beraber ve bize karşı savaşır çünkü birden bire birisi oyundan çıkınca denge bozuluyor en azından o bot bize yardımcı olabilir, hatta belki cs go daki gibibir tuş ile botu...
  6. Xratter

    Companions are not clansmen in this system

    The best use for companions at the moment are as caravan leaders. I have not "beaten" the game, but in my most recent playthrough I'm over 400 days in and have 6 caravans going. They're making me anywhere from 2000 gold (**** day) to 5000 gold (awesome day) a day. I have 2 cities, and have 5...
  7. Honest Review for Developers (Opinion)

    Dear TaleWorlds, I have now spent close to 100 hours with Bannerlord, trying to push the game, test etc. to give some honest feedback, as the game is in Early Access. I don't know whether or not this is the right section to post in, if you guys will actually listen or whatever. Keep in mind...
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