1. Bannewbie

    In Progress 한국어 - KO Korean Font issue

    Hello! Many Korean strings have missing word because of missing letter of Bannerlord default font. ex) English / Korean / Missing Korean Module / 모듈 / 모 Nozhon / 노즌 / 노 treated / 다뤘습니다 / 다습니다 Many Korean users are experiencing inconvenience due to default Korean fonts. Please check the link...
  2. Suggestion General I can't find generatefont.bat

    Can someone help me to upload generatefont.bat. I can't find it in my steam game folder. thank all you
  3. Yagababa

    WFaS 2D Art WSE WFaS Build Shader Problems

    Just found out about the WFaS build for Warband Script Enhancer! It's incredible news and I'm excited to get to scripting... That said, I'm trying to add it to my current module and am having some weird graphical issues that I'm pretty sure are shader related. I know very little about shaders...
  4. Lusitani 5th Empire

    Increase text sharpness

    Text is kinda blurred, I wonder if you can investigate this, if it can be somehow be improved. There is this mod that does just that, maybe a similar approach.
  5. Bannewbie

    Can you change Default Korean Font?

    Korean bannerlord users have used User-created Korean mode until 1.5.6 version. However, the mode doesn't work in 1.5.7 version. I try to solve this problem and find default Korean font file - UnDotumKR - in Fonts folder. As the size of the font can't show some Korean word like '듈', I wonder...
  6. Lornloth00

    In Progress Font is Blurry and Tiny

    The font for the notifications on the world map or the log on the lower left hand corner looks different than previous builds. The font is harder to read because it is a few pixels smaller and its very blurry and faded out. It looks very bad and is very heard to read...
  7. Honger

    Fixing font in Bannerlord?

    So I'm working on a translation mod for this game and I encountered following issue during the process: in Galahad font the space "after" Polish letters like ś, ć, ą, etc is much bigger than for different letters. I don't really know how to work on the .fnt file, opened in Notepad++ it shows a...
  8. Font issues (basically text is not displayed)

    Hey folks, I have installed a game, but, there is a small problem. There is no font at all(launched and in game) Do you know how to fix that?
  9. ThatRedPyro

    Need More Info Early Access Graphics & Font Issues WITH TEMPORARY FIX

    Appearently changing your system locale settings to English (UK) fixes it. Thanks to araziel for the temporary fix till we get a patch. Had the same issues during beta and thought it would be appropriate to post here as well. Taken new screenshots instead of using the ones from beta.
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