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  1. Rulin

    Please remove Focus Points and change how Attribute Points work

    Never liked the character progression. Leveling up is way too slow, the perks often offer unsatisfying and conflicting bonuses, and it is overall too much busywork identifing the right ones for each different type of character/companion type. Just picking the bottom perks of a skill, for...
  2. Need More Info Unused focus points dissapear after saving some

    Summary: after earning some points to spend it later, theres a point after you level up where all unspent focus points dissapear and only have 1 focus point (i think it started to dissapear after saving 7 unspent focus. the next level up it reset to only have 1 point) How to Reproduce: Idk if it...
  3. In Progress [1.3 / Beta 1.4] Crash on Assigning NPC Lords Focus Points

    Issue: There is a bug in the code which assigns focus points for lords. This is in the CharacterDevelopmentCampaignBehaivor.DistributeUnspentFocusPoints method (in the TaleWorlds.CampaignSystem.SandBox.CampaignBehaviors.Towns namespace). This causes a crash in situations where a lord doesn't...
  4. Character creation: "Rode with the scouts" doesn't give ability in scouting but in bows

    Hi Bannerlordteam, I don't understand why in the character-creation-process if you pick "Rode with the scouts" you don't get "Riding" and Scouting" as focus points? It is only a small issue, but it seems illogic. Kind regards and keep up the great work
  5. EvZone

    Bring back skill books ? (with a change)

    Hello once more, Observation: Some people have been calling the new skill system grindy, in that you need attribute/focus points to increase skill caps, but you need to level up skills to get these. At some point in the game, leveling the skills you're looking to increase doesn't cut it, and...
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