focus fire

  1. Ananda_The_Destroyer

    Hmmm, I really really want to target troops at other troop groups, I want to feel in COMMAND, I hate the AI

    Previously I had agreed with @Callum in another thread ( can't find it) that to would be best if the AI was good enough to not have to be micro'd by the player and know what target it should be shooting. Well, I a take it back. I really really want to order attacks on groups of enemies! I like...
  2. Ling*

    Why "Focus Fire" Should be a top priority and implemented immediately.

    Let's start by discussing 4 major exploits with the Ai caused by the lack of Focus Fire. Exploit 1: Ranged units being drawn into an unwanted melee engagement by a single unit. -It only takes one unit to force ranged troops into switching to melee weapons, which in effect makes them unable...
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