1. hoonii

    In Progress Screen flickering during the loading screen

    Summary: Sometimes when joining a clan match, the screen goes bazinga and it starts to flicker between the main menu screen and the loading screen. Game doesn't crash, but it doesn't finish loading either so it basically gets stuck in that screen and I'm forced to alt+f4. Screenshots taken show...
  2. In Progress Flickering in battle map

    Summary: Flickering in battle map How to Reproduce: Just staying still or adjusting camera occasionally brings flickering Have you used cheats and if so which: No Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Video here: https://streamable.com/kjat8a Computer Specs: OS: Windows 10 GPU...
  3. DennyWiseau

    Graphical flickering issues on many maps since launch

    I've been experienced these annoying flickering graphical issues since the game launched and am pretty fed up with them by now. Have anyone else experienced these and possibly know a fix?
  4. LordOfAll

    Resolved Flickering Graphics on Battlefield: e1.5.7 260167

    Flickering Battlefield : Mods which COULD impact: RTS Camera for Bannerlord e1.5.7-355-e3-9-24-1613585405 (Nexus) Battle Mini Map for Bannerlord e1.5.7-2672-v1-0-7-1613049096 (Nexus) Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060...
  5. MitioTheSoviet

    Resolved Cursor Flickering in menus and world map.

    Hello, recently I have experienced cursor flickering in the menus and the world map. I will provide screenshots of my settings in the launcher and what I have done to try to resolve the issue. I didn't provide audio settings since I doubt that would have any impact on the matter. There were...
  6. nereid

    Resolved Flickering with current nVidia drivers

    I installed the current nVidia drivers (457.30) yesterday and this introduced some flickering in the game. The trees and some menus (e.g. ESC menu, village overlay, talk with NPC overlay) will start to flicker very fast, which is kind of annoying. Using the older drivers (457.09) again removed...
  7. Aldemar

    Need More Info Graphic Issues with Foliage (Grass, Trees), Map Sky, Wall Textures.

    Hello, I stopped playing around 1.5. Got a pretty much a new system and decided to play it again. Now i noticed alot of weired stuff i didnt noticed before. Flickering of trees and grass: I know this can be pretty much normal at some point but it was never that strong. When i stand still on a...
  8. Resolved Screen flickering and blackscreens

    How to Reproduce: The flickering happens occasionally when moving the mouse courser over various menu buttons/options, like in settlements for example. The black screen happens occasionally when saving or switching between menus, like the after battle menus (looting and so on). Quest/Settlement...
  9. Laryakan

    Resolved Flickering harness on Aserai cavalery (possibly Jawwal Bedouin) [e1.2.0b] (edit)

    Not found in Known Issues atm Summary: Flickering harness on Aserai cavalery (possibly Jawwal Bedouin) [e1.2.0b] How to Reproduce: Figth a Battle with/against Jawwal Bedouin (not 100% reproductible). Maybe be related with Bedouin fighting on horseback instead of camelback. Quest/Settlement Name...
  10. IV3RSMEN

    Resolved (((((Textures flickering issue)))))

    Hello Talesworlds community, my name is Ludovic and I experience textures flickering when I move in combat my PC specs are: OS: Windows 7 GPU: MSI GTX 970 4GB Twin Frozr V OC RAM: 32 GB CPU: Intel 4 Core i7-6700K 4.00GHz MOBO: MSI Z170A GAMING M7 /////Recently I play PC Games from my...
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