1. jccullen123

    Need More Info ART PROBLEM

    file:///C:/Program%20Files%20(x86)/Steam/userdata/926057300/760/remote/261550/screenshots/20200702214642_1.jpg IF IT DONT WORK GO TO MY PROFILE AND HELP SHARE IT
  2. Viper247

    SP - UI Reverse (Or elaborate) casualties inflicted in diplomacy UI

    The casualties inflicted part of the diplomacy UI should be reversed, In the current state it is misleading as 1st: all the other parts of the screen are positive to have a larger number, and 2nd: Inflicted usually implies what is being put into action, not what is being experienced. For...
  3. Ling*

    MP Battania is Extremely Underpowered in captains mode

    We took an opinion poll in our Captains Mode focused discord about who people thought was the worst faction in captains mode: In addition to the general perception of Battania we have match data from our captains mode June 6th tournament that supports this: The players who participated in...
  4. GreenLight7

    Will you add..

    I watched game video,and what i see,no camp and other menu,no overall menus that were in warband,you can not camp,in options of warband there are percentage of difficulty and maybe other things that are not in bannerlord.This colour division of countries uninspires people to play,for example as...
  5. Edarin

    Atlı Birliklerin Pozisyon Alamaması (BUG)

    Başlıkta da belirttiğim gibi ya süvari birliklerim, ya da atlı okçu birliklerim her savaşta bu şekilde spawn oluyorlar:
  6. Swe1Zy

    SP - General identical children

    4 children were born : 2 sons of the same appearance as my character, daughters as a wife
  7. Possible solution to game not launching issue!

    Hi guys, I had the issue with my game not launching at all that some of us experience. I removed all mods and checked integrity of my game files, launched through bannerlod.exe and noticed the game was using intel HD graphics instead of my GPU, I changed that in the settings, reinstalled my...
  8. SP - Battles & Sieges How to help fix the Steamrolling Problem when fighting AI

    Whenever you are playing, once you have a decent army there's just no way for the AI to challenge you. I took out half of Vlandia in one go, and didn't even stop cause I needed to. I had an army of 500, and took out 2 other armies of 500 (separately) and combined lost maybe 3 men. In sieges I...
  9. khuzaithorde

    A fix for spears and cavalry (video)

    I feel that cavalry could be improved by: 1. Not allowing them to charge head on through a braced formation (especially spears/pikes) 2. If charging into a braced formation, horses will refuse the charge 3. Being able to have a successful charge only if hitting infantry from the flank or from...
  10. In Progress Game crashes every time after finishing a siege making it impossible to siege a town/castle

    Summary: the game crashes every time after i press "Done" at the town loot page How to Reproduce: doesn't matter if in safe mode or not, and also doesn't matter which town or castle, i tried to simulate the battle instead of fighting myself, still won but the game still crashes every time after...
  11. Middovah

    Resolved 2 AŞIRI ÖNEMLİ KONU

    1) Benim düşmanım neden benim kalemde/şehrimde kalıyor,ben adamın babasını idam ettim hala da adamla savastayim ama adam benim kalemde oturuyor ve hiç bir şey diyemiyorum üstüne üstlük adam bana görev falan vermek istiyor e yuh artık Taleworlds be...
  12. Salvation1945

    Nerfing like its an MMO

    Hey guys i have about 60 plus hours in Warband banner lord atm and ive noticed a terrible trend with recent patches. The developer changes seem to think they are working on a MMO where too much stuff is usually what ruins the game, and the game needs constant balancing to make sure all players...
  13. Resolved declare war and perk

    1) Please add possibility of declare war and made a peace in diplomacy our kingdom. 2) Please fix perk One Step Ahead, not working.
  14. BitterAsteroid

    Issues With Children

    Hey Dev's, I am hoping that you guys are planning on fixing the child birth rate issues and things like that as it was kinda funny at first but now I am having children left and right and am trying to do an RPG playthrough..... I know its EA so I'm not say "broken game" I'm just hoping you can...
  15. Need More Info Pila can be thrown in MP but not SP(due too i think extra ammo code in MP item list but not SP)

    Below is extra code from mp item list that is not in SP item list maybe that will help make sp pila throwable. -<CraftedItem is_merchandise="false" culture="Culture.neutral_culture" name="{=v3lIxLvX}Pila" id="mp_pilum_extraammo" multiplayer_item="true" value="999"...
  16. So I've been playing beta 1.1 fresh start, and...

    Chose to help Sturgia, because they always get run over, and all was working fine (500 days+/-) until I decided to grind on my smithing. As we all know getting a decent weapon should be most important, let alone being able to reproduce it... Got my wife early on, because I knew of the horrors...

    Bandit camps respawn

    Hello Dear Taleworlds Team, I think Bandit camps respawn is a big issue for gameplay. Camps respawn times too short. And this is very bad for npcs and player. Also they are blocking trading routes aswel. So this is big problem for factions too. They are weak because of that. Ofcourse this is my...
  18. Resolved Sneaking into town (25%) .. tried 64 times and didnt work

    When i start counting it was 64 times, reload and try again, it was 25% chance i can sneak into town .. i just think your percentage is incorrect, and it was second time i try this, first time it was the same but i give up
  19. GreenLight7

    Evolution is wrong,Development is right

    I noticed that in game you used word evolution but right is DEVELOPMENT. Evolution is a theory that is dumb itself and have false base,on the sand constructed.if Someone wants to prove that God is not exist,he must first 1.Prove that God not try man by showing him not right provement. in second...
  20. Fikiy

    SP - General The Big Problem with Combat -- Unit collision and mass [FIX / SUGGESTION]

    Merged The Shaking bodies: Collision capsule problems and their jitter effect on the player camera by @Terco_Viejo (his OP starts here) Right now unit collision is to low. When two formations collide they sort of melt together and die really fast. As a result, big 500 v 500 infantry engagements...
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