1. Filips

    Shadows Fix

    Is there a way to fix the pixelated shadows in the scenes? This doesn't happen in the interiors.
  2. King85

    Solution for "too many elements" in module_troops error.

    I am posting this here for future reference, in case anyone else needs this information. I had encountered an error referring to there being "too many elements" in the module_troops file, and it appeared as such: There were two other troop entries mentioned in the error report, but since...
  3. How do you manage your servers ?

    Hello guys, I think your servers system is broken. Full Siege just crashed and new servers are duel and team deathmatch. Wtf ? Do you plan anything to fix it ? And can you justify why you won't do it ? Thx, Not tancfire
  4. In Progress All data wiped

    Just got on bannerlord tonight and it put me through the calibration and wiped out all my saves. I wasnt very far in any of them just clan rank 3 mostly and its easy enough to get back there, but im worried that this will happen again and i dpnt wanna put all my free time into a game that will...
  5. Farticle

    Consistant Multiplayer Server Crashes Poll/Petition

    Hello. Seeing as TaleWorlds obfuscates, ignores, and pretends that this doesn't exist, I figure an effort should at least be made to centralize support for fixing it. I don't necessarily expect this to change anything because Taleworlds have shown that they simply. Do. Not. Care. Anyways: The...
  6. Halvdan

    SP - General Crafting bows and crossbows

    This is an obvious feature that should be added to the game and would allow a lot more variety when playing as an archer and potentially more interesting companions.
  7. Fyren338

    *Eight simple ways to improve Banner lord multiplayer and a poll to see the priority.

    PSA You can vote more than once I think voting for all of them is based. In response to some of the replies I agree that the crashing servers is a higher priority and have added that to the vote. I also wrote a thesis in another recent thread I created explaining all of this which was derailed...
  8. JA55

    Bannerlord de-junked

    Flickering grass, flickering trees, flickering weapons, and armor are GONE. Junky world map? No more. Reshade fix. Almost no FPS loss. 1# Fixed 2# Vanilla NEXUSMODS
  9. Gerrodot

    Resolved (1.8.0 and early) Dead corpses still disappear during large-scale battles and sieges despite the settings. Fix it please

    During mass battles (more than 1000-2000), dead bodies disappear, although everything is at maximum in the settings, including the presence of corpses (Unlimited). At the same time, they disappear in portions, either in field battles or in sieges. That is, most likely there is still a limit on...
  10. I get this crash after reloading the game and loading the save all the time

    after reloading the game
  11. Oltopeteeh

    Pugio and TTD Smelt Easy Fix

    This is a well known problem. But even now, in version 1.7.2 (beta), it is still not fixed, although the work is less than five minutes. Does anyone have any ideas on how to change this? And, ideally, to convey to the...
  12. MP Multiplayer: Teamkilling

    Hello, I am guilty of having teamkilled in captain mode on the 20.01.2022. Understandably I now have a ban until the 22nd of January. I do not have a problem with that. However, I have a request for taleworlds respectively the team managing the multiplayer related matters. Which is, bring back...
  13. SP - General Possible fix for the Smith & Economy issue.

    Yes, this is another one of those, but in comparison to others, this suggestion could be implemented in a mere single day. (I could do it myself if I had access to the source code, but alas that's not my job.) First, as everyone knows by now, smiting in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord offers the...
  14. lolozinzin

    MP Something really simple but i can change everything in many ways In Captain mod and solo mod.

    Just the possibility ot order to attack a certain unit it all, I understand the AI is not perfect and the game is in Dev but this small fix can fix a lot of bugs like unit spinning want the horse pass close is just really stupide.. And create really frustrating situation. And i know it is...
  15. Modders need to fix the game

    I really hate to say it but TW its just doing an awful work, i really dont understand their internal organizations or why they havent hired more people with all the money they made from Warband or Bannerlord release, but its none of my business and i dont care at this point. Modders really have...
  16. WouLinX

    SP - World Map Campaign World Map Must Be Fixed

    Outer parts of the map looking diffirent from the actual map. We can see the lines, it's looking bad, broken. If they limit our zoom out or limit our camera moves, we don't have to see that bad looking outer parts.
  17. AlexAky

    BattlEye problem. Please help!

    When I launch the mp game I get this error. 00:39:50: Installing BattlEye Service... 00:39:52: Successfully installed BattlEye Service. 00:39:52: Failed to initialize BattlEye Service: Driver Load Error (1450). I have searched online for a solution and none worked. Reintalled the game from...
  18. Kacmem

    SP - Scenes Autosave: Improvements required (ver. 0.1 - 1.5.0)

    I really have no idea why people discuss sword size and perk builds while another "big issue" exists, very importnat. At the moment autosaves are useless, as 90% of time every gamer loads the game BEFORE important event, not AFTER (to complete event sucesfully usually you need several tries)...
  19. Заметки (пожелания и предложения) по версии e1.4.2

    Приветствую всех, захватил карту через казни за кузаитов и решил поделится своими заметками по этой версии e1.4.2. 1) Когда ты казнил вражеского лидера фракции то автоматически заключается мир .... Баг или фича? 2) От караванов нету толку их грабят по кд. 3) Когда играешь очень долго то...
  20. jccullen123

    Need More Info ART PROBLEM

    file:///C:/Program%20Files%20(x86)/Steam/userdata/926057300/760/remote/261550/screenshots/20200702214642_1.jpg IF IT DONT WORK GO TO MY PROFILE AND HELP SHARE IT
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