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  1. Bisoso1893

    WB Coding What do I have to edit in the game files to change a Town?

    A mod called "Crusader: Deus Vult" put cities like Jerusalem, Antioch, Acre and others in their game, but all of these have the same scenes as the Native mod, Jerusalem have the same scene as Praven and I wanna know what do I have to edit to make Jerusalem have the same scene as Shariz or...
  2. Some questions about editing Mercenary Camps

    Hello! I'm looking for a way to increase the maximum amount of recruitable mercenaries from the Mercenary Camps and also change the rate that these camps will be refilled with units again. I have edited some values from the scripts.txt file, wich you can find in the module folder, to make the...
  3. inter17

    BL Scening QUESTION! how can i convert my scene into a GLB or GLTF files?

    hey i wanted to mod my scene a little but i dont quite know how to go about converting the files into supported files: GLB or a GLTF. if anyone can lend a hand that would be very much appreciated!
  4. How to change starting items on warband vanilla ?

    Hello guys, ?‍♂️ I'm ?? and my ?? is bad, but I'll try to explain you why I need your ?. So, I want to know if there is a ? wich can be edit in order to change all starting items: squire (male); Lady in wainting (female); troubadour; student; peddler; smith; poacher. ⛔ I don't want to allow...
  5. Resolved Repeating crash after editing .sav file

    Summary: I might be an idiot for trying to edit a .sav file in notepad, just to get some extra starting money, but it seemed like a good idea. So I created a character, played for a couple of hours. Wanted more money, thought I could edit the .sav file, found it on my pc, opened it, changed the...
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