1. Heavy cavalry

    Hello! Game is pefect! Except heavy cavalry, its basically useless. In battles infantry 2:1 heavy cavarly, they barely can kill a single unit xD Can you buff them? Thanks!
  2. Jance

    An open letter from the Kingdoms of Arda team, and the total-conversion mod community

    Hi! A subset of total-conversion modding community has penned an open letter regarding some serious issues we have with Bannerlord's code, and it's development in general. We are extremely frustrated with how the vast majority of our feedback to TaleWorlds has been handled and frankly...
  3. Bannerman Man

    Feedback on Prison Breaks

    I've seen some general thoughts on the new prison break feature around the forums, but I haven't seen a dedicated thread for feedback yet, so I'm making one. Quick explanation on how they work: General Feedback: 1) It isn't clear to the player what affects the amount of guards that will...
  4. StevieLee7132

    A Dozen practical suggestions (after five hundred hours of play)

    1. Add more battle scenes, maybe a randomize terrain feature? Much better now than at release, but still seeing the same maps again and again kills the tactical challenge 2. Add fog of war... AI should discover units by seeing them (e.g. range, LOS, etc.) same as the player rather than have...
  5. buby

    Captain mode feedback - Face direction/Face enemy

    Hello, I don't usually write feedback but this is something that has been bogging me since the last two updates of Bannerlord. Outside of small bugs for the formations that will be surely fixed with time, I noticed what seems a voluntary design change that impacts negatively the amount of...
  6. Pancakelord333

    Questions on the command menu - and some feedback for usability.

    So, Battlefield has something called the Commorose: I've played for a bit with the new radial menu and at first I was really excited by it, as I thought it would function in the same way as it does in the BF games (hold Q then use relative mouse movement to flick your cursor to what you want...
  7. RodLimitless

    Rank 1 Gamer Thoughts on Bannerlord PvP

    So a little about who I am --> My name is Rod, I'm a twitch partner, and I've competed in various games at a highly competitive level. I've experience in MMOs, RTS, shooters, and so on. In 2015 I was ranked #7th rogue in World of Warcraft and competed in the BlizzCon regionals, and in 2017 I...
  8. My thoughts on the campaign economy.

    Hello, I've been playing Bannerlord since the game was released, and really, I've been trying to be patient. I'm honestly really loving this game and I do support TaleWorlds but something needs to happen but I diverse. Back when the game released in Early Access in March, there was no limit on...
  9. Enzovic

    Build 1.5.0 beta -- feedback

    These are the things I've noticed so far. - both baby siblings died after rescue (never happened in 1.4.3) - workshops disappeared after main character died of old age (I have to re-purchase them all back) - wife died and she took all high level equipment with her to her grave - my main...
  10. Save Failed! Cannot create save data. my two cents

    So I had this horrible bug happen to me many times like other people, and I've noticed at least to me it only happens when using mods. The problem is it's not a particular mod or an outdated one, I've tried multiple times turning only one at a time and it always ended up corrupting my files...
  11. Мой фидбэк за более чем 100 часов игры/developers please pay attention

    И так, здравствуйте. Я хочу сказать, что я фанат этой игры и хотелось бы донести до разработчиков некоторые вещи. Кузнечное дело. Я по больше части использую одноручный меч, соответственно, прокачивая кузнечное дело я их и создаю. Я создавал десятки мечей, и в лучшем случае за десять мечей я...
  12. Valarr

    Hey Gamers, what do you actually like about Bannerlord multiplayer?

    I know I know "controversial" but what do people actually like about multiplayer. Please, im looking for well devised responses amidst all this crap being slung on the forums!
  13. Cri11e

    Website feedback

    Small feedback to make forums more interesting and better for users. Not sure where to post this so feel free to move this to appropriate section. - Links on forum posts for twitch/youtube/twitter so we can more easily see those who have them and click on it beside their posts instead of...
  14. [Suggestion] Unique locations with unique encounters/rewards (like in Viking Conquest)

    Pretty much thread title (also I'm sure something similar has been suggested at some point, but I thought I'd put my spin on the idea). Honestly, numerous years in the making and this idea wasn't though of to be of interest for Bannerlord? Especially when there's so much interesting background...
  15. Bannerlord Multiplayer Feedback

    This is feedback for multiplayer. After certain update on May, Multiplayer is getting less and less playable due to certain issues (some persisted for long time): 1) After introducing the network icon in multiplayer, I've notice I'm getting alot of packet loss and ping issue. Before that patch...
  16. Holy Shift

    I Experience Massive FPS Drop in Some Battles with Army.

    in both sieges and field battles but it doesnt occur at every battle. The only thing i noticed (unclearly) is that enemy armies were much smaller and weaker in that battles.
  17. isamurai

    Devs feedback

    To what frequency do you feel devs should keep us updated?
  18. FredFirefly

    [Feedback] 100 hours of noobing around, some thoughts about the game

    Hello, so I got the game more or less a month ago after a friend recommended it, and that I saw a bit of game play, which seemed quite nice. Overall, I love it, very nice, I was more attracted by the RPG side, as I'm a bit intimidated by real time strategy, I'm not really good at thinking fast...
  19. abc123456

    List of Ideas from Other Games

    Ever thought wow that's a good idea when playing other games and wondered if we could include it in Bannerlord? Compile your list here for TaleWorlds and modders to see. Please try to keep a short and consistent format for easy reading. Feature idea, game name, max. 1-3 lines description...
  20. Edarin

    Kuşatma Savunmasındaki Saçma Olaylar.

    Umarım yetkili biri görür ve gerekeni yapar. Şimdi anlatıyorum: Savaş başlamadan önce Total War oyunlarında olduğu gibi askerlerimin nerede duracaklarını ayarlıyordum. Çok güzel ayarladım, savaşa başladım ve ne göreyim? Ayarladığım askerler benim dediğimi bırakıp eski yerlerine geri dönüyorlar...
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