1. SP - General Feasts, Festivals, Fashion! And A Calendar Extension to go along with it!

    Feasts are a controversial part of warband; many infamous jokes point to Swadia's constant feasting as a contributing factor to their difficulties in aquiring and holding territory as it took lords and particularly generals attention away from leading campaigns. However I think their absence...
  2. Foryourinfo123

    Will devs plan on adding feast back into the game?

    In one sentence can u explain why on gods green earth u guys removed feasts …Especially now that marriage has a more in depth system to it. I get it if it wasn’t in the previous game but i just can’t seem to make it make sense on why u guys would remove a loved feature :(
  3. Erundil

    Bugfix for endless feasts that never end

    This have been bugging me for years and finally I have found a fix. At first I thought they just forgot to implement the functionality of ending the feast in player's kingdom. Turns out they did, but messed up. So it's a bona fide bug. And here I present a bona fide bugfix. BUG DESCRIPTION...
  4. SP - General Needed features for Bannerlord

    A couple of things I wish were added to the game. Feasts being my big one as these were an excellent feature in warband not just for role-playing but to build relationships with the lords. Dueling is another feature I would love to see. When playing warband I loved to settle my differences with...
  5. five bucks

    Future Plans post 2 from Taleworlds

    1 year ago, Taleworlds made a Future Plans post, which told us some of the features they wanted to include in the game, and an estimated release date of Q2 2022. We're now in Q3 2022. The release date was missed again. The planned features are only half done. There's been no patch for nearly 2...
  6. Sarranid_Guard

    Can I have a Feast?

    Maybe it's unnecessary but I want to know if it can be done. I read them
  7. Madijeis

    SP - General Civil wars, feasts and more: Medieval high society in Bannerlord

    As it is now, politicking and relationships in Bannerlord is unfinished. There is simply no reason to talk to other Lords. In warband, atleast, if you talked to someone after defeating an enemy lord you could raise your relationship with them based on their personality. From the fact that the...
  8. Darkath

    SP - General Character Assignment Gameplay

    Introduction One of the main immersive point of Warband is most actions were not automatic from a click in the user interface, you had to travel to see different lords or gather them around a feast to facilitate your interactions with them, request favors and improve your relations. In...
  9. HugoTheFrenchMan

    SP - General Suggestion:War rooms, Intrigue (to a small scale) and ambushes + a few other things

    War Rooms: This is probably the least feasible but lets go. You and other lords or if king you summon or mabye some sort of marshal mechanic where he decides this, ok back on track you are summoned into a meeting for strategy where different clan leaders would give suggestions dependent on...
  10. AlyssaImagine

    SP - General Feasts, Parties, and More Interaction

    Now, I love fighting in Mount and Blade games. Winning a war is great! However, sometimes it gets to be too much and I want to just sit back and relax and enjoy peace time. Unfortunately, quests, bandit fights, tournaments, trading goods, and crafting gear is all there is to so aside from...
  11. azmodeus

    Not enough spot for all lords on Feasts

    I made my kingdom and martial lords are my pain in the ass Lord Klargus for example with his 1200 renown lose 2 points of relations everytime i give other lord any fief. So as soon as i got peace with all factions i made a magnificient Feast in Shariz my court. The problem is aside from lorde...
  12. foredeekay

    SP - General Royal Council / Feasts / Clan Wars - Proposed mechanics

    So, 200+ hours in (I love this game) and I really feel like internal kingdom politics, while coming on a lot, could be so much more. There is a lot of ideas here, some of which have been floated before so I have bulleted them for ease. I love playing this game and I see so much potential in it...
  13. Create different options for Drilling/training armies & using money allocated to town.

    I believe there should be a diversification of ways to train your armies and use the money you invested in a town. I often get towns which I invested to much money and the 10k denars in the city can't be used or taken out after completing all buildings. Also the current version of the game...
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