faction management

  1. Diplomacy, War, Politics

    This is one of my pet peeves/hopeful areas of improvement and my take on what would fix things: The problem: Factions declare war, make peace, and otherwise decide things as one single unit. In a game called Bannerlord you'd expect there to be some functional difference between a clan and a...
  2. BEST LAWS ( tell me your preference and if possible reason)

    Hello, all I was wondering.. How you custom your Realm? What's that you consider to your GamePlay the best laws? I was wondering, if some laws was best for specific cultures, or in the end would be the same. SOme cultures benefits more from some laws? What's your choices?
  3. Faction Titles, Faction Management, Diplomacy, and Events

    Faction Titles and Structure I think it would be a great idea too be able too determine and have the game use faction titles such as Emperor/Empress, King/Queen, Prince/Princess, Duke/Duchess etc. Customer factions would allow the player too set the top liege title as well as vassal titles and...
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