1. wizcas

    Imported face mesh won't deform hair, eyebrows, and beard

    TL;DR I exported the native head mesh, renamed it, and imported as a new face mesh. However, FaceGen won't adjust the hair, eyebrows, eyelashes, and beard according to the morphed face mesh. It looks like this: What I've done: Exported the head_male_a to FBX via TpacTool Imported the FBX...
  2. Swyter

    Online face code generator tool | Tweak facekeys and see how they work

    Hey, guys. Guess what? Made a face code generator, like the one for terrain codes, ten years later: https://swyter.github.io/mab-tools/face Working with 64-bit numbers in JavaScript is terrible, but it works. I'll polish it a bit, maybe adding support for dropping custom skins.txt files and...
  3. GalahadIV

    Min/Max values for facial features

    So I noticed like many others that a lot of the randomly generated faces in the game look a bit "samey", so I took a look around the game files and noticed that the Minimum and Maximum values for each facial feature are defined in the skins.xml file, and changing them doesn't seem to have any...
  4. deuxhero

    SP - General Lipstick only makeup option

    All the options for lipstick have some other makeup paired with it. Since options with lipstick already exist, it should be easy to add an option that's just lipstick.
  5. face key code structure changed on 1.6.4?

    Okay so, i am trying to start a new sandbox game on 1.6.4.. on character creation, i copy paste my saved face key which i always use.. but it shows different face.. seems the code structure for face key is changed.. i have saved many pretty face key characters in previous version.. is there a...
  6. hsngrms

    SP Native Enable FaceGen (Body) Sliders

    A simple mod for enabling hidden character creation sliders including age, weight and build. This is my first C# dll mod and to be honest I'm not programmer, I'm just a curious guy who likes learning new things. Here my base code: using HarmonyLib; using TaleWorlds.MountAndBlade; namespace...
  7. SP - UI Face Key Display During Creation Screen (Resolved)

    Hello have simple UI concern, I want to mod in custom lords but the face key system in the module files is hard to Discern just wondering if you could display the face key on the creation menu for those who want to make custom NPCs, reuse a previous face or share their face online Thank you for...
  8. HaroldPain

    Resolved Charachter body shape changes to thin after face editing

    Summary: During the game, if you make face changes in the "face generation" menu and confirm them - body shape of the main character changes from default to thin. You can not undo this, unless loading previous save game. How to Reproduce: - In game go to "Face generation" menu ("V" button) -...
  9. hsngrms

    facegen (Face Generation)

    Hey there! With latest update of the game, I can't change my char's age or weight anymore. I can open face generation and copy the code successfully like below. However, I can't paste new code as I did before latest update. Also facegen.show_debug and other facegen commands removed too. (I...
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