1. How i can change the face expression on corpses ?

    I wanted to make a mod to make the corpses close their eyes, but I couldn't find any way to do this by messing with the native xmls or via code, any dev could tell if it's possible via xml or if i would have to replace some asset ?
  2. Resolved Battania related bodyproperties data seems to be hardcoded.

    Summary: Battania related bodyproperties data seems to be hardcoded, thus cannot be modded. How to Reproduce: -Open spnpccharacters.xml in SandBoxCore module. -Locate any NPCCharacter node with <face_key_template value="BodyProperty.fighter_battania" /> -Change that template to another one...
  3. Link69100

    BL 3D Art Inverted materials on Head

    Dear devs and modders, I work actually on a new head model for a futur mod and I need your help on it ! ? All the morph animations are set correctly, it work on model viewer with this beautiful new head :grin: and the facial animations also work ingame ? BUT STILL A BIG PROBLEM Every...
  4. NPC's Easily Recognizable by Face

    I think all characters should be easily recognizable just by their face. This means every character would have a different face phenotype, or at least the ones you interact with (e.g Lords, merchants, quest dudes, companions, everyone except every troop or settlement npc). This would help...
  5. Viking2419

    Character always looking away from the view

    I spent a lot of time creating my character's hair, beard, and face features. I want to be able to see my character's face anytime when I turn the camera to him but if is so frustrating that I can't never see my character's face because when I look at him he immediately looks away from the...
  6. Serg50

    Need More Info Lords' faces changed

    Somehow in my game, lords' faces are changed. I've been trying to get use to it but wherever i turn my head i start seeing broken nose(nose bridge like 100%) ugly lords or some lords without beards that looks like babyface(so smooth and ugly face). I've some screen shots of lords that realy easy...
  7. Holy Shift

    Face Bug at Character Screens after Swap

    After 29.04.2020 update a little bug has occured. When i swap between me and my companions in character screen; me and my last companions faces are swapping weirdly while equipments stay the same.
  8. Resolved Helmet removes beard

    Summary: My helmet removes my beard, from on my character How to Reproduce: Wear the helmet on a bearded person, it removes the beard. Quest/Settlement Name (if related): n/a Version: e1.1.0.226306 Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: Windows 10 Home N 64-bit GPU: Asus GTX970...
  9. Need More Info Face visible in first person

    Summary:If you enter a battle in first person you will see part of your character's face. (Easy fix: Is to switch between third and first person then it is gone) How to Reproduce:Leave a battle in first person then when you join the next battle you will start in first person and then it...
  10. gerindoom

    Need More Info The beard floats

    Hello There! I see that beard floats in the face. https://ibb.co/GPxjr0c Thanks for all the work you guys do with the fixes!
  11. Butter_Lord

    Is there an edit mode like in Warband to change NPC faces?

    I love the new graphics but some people who i have to interact with in the game a lot have gotten the wrong side of the asymmetric slider. I feel like this one setting goes way to wild for NPCs and so many people look straight up inbred with the right side of their face a good 3 inches higher...
  12. Pinocchio

    Copied/Pasted face data from character creation

    Hi, I just learned that its possible to copy/paste your character... so far so great, but 2 questions come to my mind: Will the cpoied code from beta work in EA and further advanced versions in the future? Is their somewhere a database/thread with peoples builds and their code? btw @DevS: the...
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