1. Stromming

    Resolved Level 1 Companion with no skills whatsoever

    Summary: Found a companion that cost me 11k to hire and she was level 1 with absolutely no skills whasoever (that 1 in smithing i got her). She later got 1 skill point in Riding so she got leveled up to 5, and now she is 8 or 9 with just a few focus points and skill points. She will never be as...
  2. Tsewe

    Need More Info Companion's Price

    Just to let you know that it has been said that companions' expensive prices were reduced in 1.2 Beta (because of equipment). However I just started a new game with 1.2 yesterday and I met 2 companions with insanely high prices: - Selun the Alone in Onira asked for more than 7 000 denars -...
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