1. SP Other Introducing Tunes of Calradia!

    Hey fellow Calradians, I am very happy to announce Tunes of Calradia - the very first Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord music expansion mod! We all know and love the unique medieval atmosphere of Bannerlord, and few elements support this experience as much as the lovingly composed background music...
  2. Map Expanded

    Anyone else hope we can start moving on too expanding the map and adding new factions?
  3. SP - General More logical progression to capture a city.

    I was thinking it would maybe be more structured and organized if… You and ai had to capture trade bound castles before you can siege the city. Then you would have ai looking more like someone striving for a goal rather than just going to any random thing. Example faction targets a city for...
  4. Akfiz

    Real-Life DLC or Expansion: Michael the Brave

    Mount&Blade 1 had 2 real-life DLCs, Napoleonic Wars and Viking Conquest. I know it's too early to talk about a DLC or Expansion right now, but I suggest that when the time comes, a DLC similar to Viking Conquest should be made for Bannerlords but with the Balkans of 1600s instead. Ever since...
  5. Akfiz

    SP - General DLC or Expansion: Wallachian Warriors

    Just like Mount&Blade Warbands has a DLC/expansion in real life called Viking Conquest, I believe the same will happen for Bannerlords eventually. and while it is still early to talk about working for a DLC or expansion for Bannerlord, that doesn't mean one can't offer ideas for when that...
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