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  1. Resolved Still cannot execute ANY prisoner without the game crashing.

    Like the title says. It's been almost 9 months of patches and still no luck, finally decided to make an account since no one else seems to be having the same issue.
  2. Undead Lords?

    So uh.. I didn't see any other post here but it could be under a number of names. Basically, I executed the King of Vlandia and the new king became Alary. So, naturally, being the Imperial that I am, I executed him too. Their new king is Morcon.. But yet somehow, Alary (which to my knowledge is...
  3. Constant war and executing enemy heros, a newbie guide to ruining your save

    To preface, I'm working with the southern empire, I own 1 city with 3 villages. I got tired of stacked armies rolling up every day, so I decided to excecute enemy generals. My thoughts were that the enemy empire would no longer have rapid siege armies. What happened next has broken my game. The...
  4. Vasdema

    The Unforeseen Cost of Executing Nobles

    Picture if you will, the fledgling Empire of Calradia reborn. The story of Vasilio Rosso, bandit hunter, merchant prince, leader of men, and usurper of claimant to the Imperial Throne. I started by taking Mecalovea Castle from the Northern Empire when they were weak and down to three cities...
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