1. blackfist28

    XIIIth Clan Event (lol)

    Yesterday two Russian clans (XIIIth Tagma and Hawkband) held a siege event. Although the game is currently difficult to play on the siege by the clan (due to the lobby of 6 people), the Russian clan managed to hold the siege, almost completely taking the slots of the defenders
  2. J4ck_C

    In Progress Bug - Quest:"Family Feud" - Can't complete quest

    The landlord Susterios of Alatys gave me the quest "Family Feud", where i'm supposed to take his kin Joculos with me to solve an issue in the vilage of Hetania, I made Joculos walk with me inside the vilage until we reach Valaos of Hetania, Valaos wants to kill Joculos, I tell him that I am...
  3. Western Vlandian Army

    Western Vlandian Army

    Western Vlandian Army Attention Vlandian fighting aged noblemen and mercenaries! About the Western Vlandian Army: We’re a group of long-time Mount & Blade players interested in creating a community centered around the Multiplayer Bannerlord experience. Our primary goal is to provide fun...
  4. [BRE] Roudrac

    PREVIOUS EVENT: Battle of Hastings (March, 29th)

    October 1066, Harold Godwinson, king of England is victorious. With tactical brilliance, he had caught the invading viking force off guard at Stamford Bridge a few days earlier and crushed them. Harald Hardrada, claimant to the throne of England, has been slain. However, Harold has no time to...
  5. [BRE] Gilles / Olgarth

    🗡Nous rejoindre

    🗡 Nous rejoindre Vous trouverez sur teamspeak à l'adresse: thor.evxv.net:9990 mot de passe : Lapidi Restez dans les AFK le temps que quelqu'un s'occupe de vous. ------------------------------------ Vous pouvez ajouter sur - Steam - le roi...
  6. Emil

    NRP Event Schedule

    We will be hosting various public and closed events leading up to / after the release of Bannerlord. Current known/expected dates: 21st of February ( 2020-02-21 ) Napoleonic Zombies Event 23rd of February ( 2020-02-23 ) 19th_Jailbreak Event 1st of March ( 2020-03-01 ) NRP Duel Tournament 7th of...
  7. Calradic Campaign

    Calradic Campaign

    Starter Guide: https://www.reddit.com/r/mountandblade/comments/mjjhja/the_calradic_campaign_returns_to_warband_calradic/ Discord Link: https://discordapp.com/invite/mountandblade The /r/mountandblade official event, the Calradic Campaign is a monthly multiplayer event that emulates the native...
  8. Bannerlord France

    Bannerlord France

    L'idée est donc que ce soit un lieu de coopération et de neutralité, où tout le monde pourra se retrouver pour faire vivre la communauté dans une ambiance sereine. Gardez en tête qu'il s'agit d'un espace public où vous fréquenterez des inconnus de tous genres ; vous n'êtes pas seulement entre...
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