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  1. SeducingVocals

    NA Teutonic Order Event Guideline Rough Draft (Work In Progress)

    Event Guidelines and Rules. Section I: Administration. Administration of events will have 2-3 admins. Must be in spectator mode. Must be unbiased. Can never play while logged in admin. Section II: Eligibility Clans will enroll via forum threads. (Neutral Discord Coming). All members of...
  2. VincentW

    Knighthood of Pars [WIP]

    !!This page is Work in Progress!! If you wish to inquire about this (hopefully) soon to be cavalry group or would like to join my newest project, please contact me on steam [Link] I plan to (at some point, when servers release) Rehost my former NW events under this new name so if you are...
  3. [CL] Octavius


    UPDATE EVENT WILL NOW BE HELD ON NA CUSTOM SIEGE SERVER! So I, as many of the rest of you, have noticed how much Bannerlord multiplayer has died off after the initial Early Access release of the game. Many of us are asking - “What happens next?”. I think it is about time that we all had...
  4. Western Vlandian Army

    Western Vlandian Army

    Western Vlandian Army Attention Vlandian fighting aged noblemen and mercenaries! About the Western Vlandian Army: We’re a group of long-time Mount & Blade players interested in creating a community centered around the Multiplayer Bannerlord experience. Our primary goal is to provide fun...
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