1. how to solve get_shader failed for: standart_shader

    hi ok , so this is my first post and i was just asking about how to solve a problem i've always been facing when i play the last days of the third age mod on mount and blade warband aka (TLD) the problem is : get_shader failed for: standart_shader so does anyone has a solution for this ?? my...
  2. Modsys not working properly

    Hello everyone... I was about to make a new fresh module system in order to create a mod. After I set up the path on, I clicked on build_module.bat. Instead of getting a new mod on a folder I created, I get a bizzare error that I have never seen before. My old modsys also doesn't...
  3. Alevort

    Getting mesh errors when combining two face/ hair mods

    Hello! When i launch a mod i get "incorrect mesh prefix for meta mesh copy: 5 (ref:1)" , and then "Unable to find beard mesh:5" I've just tried to add faces, hairs and beards from another mod and merge with the existent ones of the mod I'm modding (phantasy calradia).... I'm a week with this...
  4. Middovah

    Resolved Oyuna Hiç Yakışmayan Hatalar

    Sürüm 1.1.0 : 1.0.11 Hata Değil Ama Komik :grin:
  5. DuBZeroX

    Need More Info Bannerlord Singelplayer - Found Bugs, Errors,Glitches

    Hello i would like to Report some Bugs, Glitches, Errors.. Thanks so much ^^ Strange Position to Fight ! Spiked Helmet with Face Mask : Glitch ? Bug ? Happens with Closed Helmets.. Quest to make your Kingdom to Fight the Empire.. Cant Complete ! Game Crash.. Cant help a Neutral Faction...
  6. igfrosty

    Resolved 4 Hours gameplay than Crash

    First of all, it seems to be worth what we've been waiting for years. Early access will necessarily have mistakes. I think its okey. After playing for 4 hours, I got a mission related to the night raid from Agola City to Alatys village. (Maybe the problem is due to the mission. Because it was...
  7. Shanks_X

    Some Minor issues (just so you're aware)

    Hi Taleworlds team, So far I am really enjoying Bannerlord. I knew going in that it being early access meant I would see some issues, and I don't see any other way to make you aware of them so that they can be fixed, so I will post them here as I come across them, and hopefully you will see...
  8. Error when loading into game

    Everytime I try to launch the game I get this error: I had the same Issue with the beta and I seriously do not know how to fix this. My pc isn't that bad: rx 570 4gb ryzen 5 2600 16gb ram
  9. Floris 2.54 Dev suite source file issues

    Hi Everyone, Just recently I’ve decided to undertake the daunting task of creating my very own little slice of Warband heaven (yes Banner lord drops in a few weeks but I’ve come to expect disappointment from most releases so this will kill time). Anyway I’ve done a fair amount of modding and...
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