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  1. frozenpainter

    WB Coding Troops Equipmant

    In module_dialogs, I want to change a troop equipmant, I used this [anyone|plyr,"regular_member_talk", [(this_or_next|is_between, "$g_talk_troop","trp_kingdom_recruit","trp_harzem1"),(is_between,"$g_talk_troop",mercenary_troops_begin, mercenary_troops_end),], "I want to manage your...
  2. Cannot equip any armor or weapons to my companions or myself.

    I am trying to change my armor, but the problem becomes I cannot put anything on. It acts like it will be put on in my inventory, but as soon as I close out of my inventory it un-equips it. EDIT: I'm an idiot. You have to press "done" at the bottom of your screen to save the loadout changes. I...
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