1. A cry from the heart (a lot of suggestions)

    Dear friends, this is a CRY from the HEART that you are reading 😩 Bannerlord has incredible combat mechanics, it's probably the best large-scale battle simulation ever created! I'm not going to dwell on its qualities, you know what they are. The battles are fabulous, the world of Calradia is...
  2. [OSOD] Imperator


    Want to see how one of the games most popular mod named persistent empires feels like. Well here it is!
  3. [KoH] GRiM ReeFer


    FRIDAY 14th OCTOBER Server name : Tark Server Test Server Opens at 7 pm CET 1 hour warmup First round at 8 pm CET NO PASSWORD WE NEED TO EXPLODE 254 PLAYERS LIMIT !!! How to join us : -Join our clans discord for the hosts mod DL -Download beta 1.9.0 -Follow all orders by In game leader...
  4. Tark

    EU Siege Other Completed Epic Slots Event

    Epic Slots Event Objective Yesterday we were 200, the goal is 500! Final goal : 1000 players! Informations Date : Every Saturday Hour : 9 pm CET Server open at 8:15 pm CET Warmup of 45 minutes Rules Members of the same squad must absolutely remain in formation until the melee. The use...
  5. nasıl multi oynarım?

    nasıl arkadaş eklerim talewrolds da arkadaşım epic den ben steamden giriyoruz
  6. MachinimaKaisa

    This Is Bannerlord - Cinematic Trailer

    Hello everyone! This is my first Bannerlord cinematic. Hope you guys enjoy! Please leave a comment and a like, that would help me a lot! Cheers Kaisa
  7. Lornloth00

    Resolved Epic Game version CTDs

    In the Epic version, e1.4.2 there have been many crashes. The first crash was just starting the game and the game will just crash as soon as the launcher launches. After verifying files and uninstalling and reinstalling the game made it to main menu so I went to custom battle. In custom battle I...
  8. Lornloth00

    Resolved Epic version share the same save directory as Steam version

    I bought both version Epic and Steam. The Epic version of the game shows the same saves as the Steam version of the game even though the Epic version is 1.4.1 stable and the Steam version is the 1.4.2 Beta. Is there a way to make both version use different directories? I strongly believe that...
  9. Enable us to use the Beta branch in Epic Games

    Since I had the chance to purchase the game with 50% advantage, I bought it on Epic Games today. Both myself and my son. However, only version 1.4.1 can be installed. Since the product is in early access, it should be able to load the most updated version. Beta access must be provided through...
  10. An epic storyline for the main quest...

    I have been a fan of Mount and Blade since the first hour, this game is simply unique (concept, atmosphere…) and Bannerlord is incredible in beauty and gameplay (the essential aspect of the game for me), not to mention all the new additions (clan system and management, creation of banners...
  11. epic

    just wanna say most of the game was already fixed within less than a month by mods lol
  12. chowski

    Envy [NA/EU] *recruitment semi open*

    art credits _____________________________________________________________________________________________ No cringey rp bio backstory here, just a group of people that wanna have fun together. Envy is a group that aims to form when private servers come out. Our goal is to play against other...
  13. UK-Tranquillity

    Velvet Weavery doesn't make any money... Why!? - Tranquillity - Video Thread

    First video:? After months ingame my velvet weavery still wasn't making ANY money. But why!? I went to find out why... Hope you enjoy!
  14. Apfel

    117 kills in a single battle, can anyone top this?

    Hey, just wanted to know if i currently hold the record for most kills in a single battle without cheating ;)
  15. Lyrdione

    Epic Games ve Steam Fiyatları

    Farklı mı olacak? Epic Games üzerinde kaç TL ye satılacak bilgisi olan var mı?
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