1. ivlazuri

    (ÇÖZÜLDÜ) dismemberment modu kurulum yardımcı olacak

    EN I prepared the mod by editing the files, but there is a problem, they do not break their heads, as far as I understand, there is a part that is not written in the module mission template.py file. dismemberment_mod_decap, dismemberment_mod_hands1, dismemberment_mod_hands2...
  2. 78th_Official

    [Eu]78th Regiment of Foot (Spanish/English) [Recruiting]

    This Regiment officially formed on the 9th of July 2020, We used to be known as the " 12nd Brigada del Este ", re-named recently. If you wish to contact our leader, Brigade General Rober or other Detachment Leaders, the Steam Contacts are at the bottom of the Page. We are a European Regiment...
  3. Vassals of Calradia

    Vassals of Calradia

    Welcome to Voc a totally new group/clan we accept everyone!
  4. Vineyard Workers [VW]

    Vineyard Workers [VW]

    International Bannerlord clan
  5. Viper247

    SP - UI Reverse (Or elaborate) casualties inflicted in diplomacy UI

    The casualties inflicted part of the diplomacy UI should be reversed, In the current state it is misleading as 1st: all the other parts of the screen are positive to have a larger number, and 2nd: Inflicted usually implies what is being put into action, not what is being experienced. For...
  6. I

    Impera Gaming

    Why Should you join us? We have experience in leading groups of people and look forward to creating the most well organized Armies within Bannerlord. We have a rank structure system that promotes communication and dedication to the Impera Legion. We offer a structured rank system with...
  7. Légion Étrangère [LE] | EU

    Légion Étrangère [LE] | EU

    We are a community that has been around the Mount and Blade: Warband scene for just over a year now. We are a Napoleonic Wars cavalry regiment by the name of 2ème Régiment de Hussards. This is a Bannerlord Continuation of the regiment. We have always welcomed not only veterans, but also newer...
  8. House-Hessian


    Who are we? Founded in late 2012 the 2ndHess was a community of German players who enjoyed playing together. Since 2017 our community is made up of people from all around the globe, with a focus on EU. Preparations for the release of Bannerlord have started in March 2018, with the founding of...
  9. Calradic Campaign

    Calradic Campaign

    Unfamiliar with the Calradic Campaign? Have no fear! The Calradic Campaign is a casual, player driven, story based event. There are no strict rules or signups, and players of all skill levels often come! If you've never tried multiplayer, now is your best chance to experience large scale battles...
  10. C

    Court of Reveran

    Court of Reveran is a group of old and veteran Warband players that currently spend more time modding than playing M&B titles.
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