editor crash bug

  1. iimstevo

    Editor Tools doesn't work

    I'm trying to create a mod - I've so far managed to get into the Editor, and then loaded up the main_map.xscene file... only to find it errors, every single time I open it. The textures don't load. I found a workaround that loading the campaign map first will fix this. However, if I then...
  2. Resolved Cloth Editor Cloth Editor Crash on startup

    Summary: Out of the blue, my cloth editor stopped working. Clicking on the icon in the menu bar opens the cloth editor window but the viewport is completely black and the editor freezes instantly. The only way to close it is through the task manager. I must have tried about 100 times by now to...
  3. In Progress Scene Editor editor crash made save crashing when attemtping relunch

    as the title say.. i was working on a map from the begining of the covid and two days ago while working i was saving the progress and then while doing so the editor pop an error saying something happen and the program need to collect info and run the crash check window..i did so then came back...
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