1. Zenci Musa

    Duello Sunucusuna Giremiyorum

    Bu konuda şifre paylaşılmış şifreyi yazıyorum ama girmiyor sunucuya bağlanılamadı hatası veriyor?
  2. ChristopherR

    NA Duel Completed North American Dueling Championship Season #2 (Charity Event)

    Welcome! It is with great pleasure that BMS is proud to announce the launch of Season #2 of the North American Dueling Championship! There will be differences noted between S1 & S2. For this season, instead of using one handed swords we will be using two handed swords. More specifically, the...
  3. Hudi

    Option to make your companion fight in bandit camp duels

    I've been going around searching for villagers who want a near bandit camp gone and I thought of the idea. At the end of the raid you can duel the Bandit Boss or just attack him and his guards, a third option would be nice if your companion is in your selection and he could fight the duel.
  4. [Kazu]

    [Video] TDF1 Duel Tournament Highlights

  5. problem?

    Yumrukla Jousting Modu İsterük!

    Ben ve kendim gibi düşük zeka gerektiren eğlencelere sahip dostlarım için oldukça eğlenceli bir oyun modu keşfettik. Lütfen sayın taleworlds ekibi bu modu bir şekilde ana oyuna da ekleyin. Oyun modu şuradan izlenilebilir:
  6. Dark ?

    ? Tournoi Duel Francophone? TDF - Vainqueur Kazu

    Ici se retrouve les challengers francophones pour obtenir la gloire et les honneurs. Vous voulez mettre à l'épreuve vos capacités ? ou simplement vous entrainer ? Ce tournoi est fait pour vous. Les futures informations seront transmises sur le groupe Talewords Discord Critères de Participation...
  7. CeyXiong

    Lütfen Artık Multiplayer'a Kayda Değer bir Güncelleme Getirin.

    Dakikalarca oyun aratıyorum 5 dakika diğer oyuncuları bekliyoruz ve sonucunda 3vs3 olarak başlıyoruz oyuna. Kemik kitleniz Bannerlord'dan nefret ettiler hatta bir arkadaşım klan olarak tamamen bırakmışlar oyunu düzelene kadar indirmeyeceğini söyledi. Keza bizde de oyun Multiplayer açısından...
  8. abc123456

    List of Ideas from Other Games

    Ever thought wow that's a good idea when playing other games and wondered if we could include it in Bannerlord? Compile your list here for TaleWorlds and modders to see. Please try to keep a short and consistent format for easy reading. Feature idea, game name, max. 1-3 lines description...
  9. Way of Life (romance stuff extended), v1.2 25/04/20

    Greetings, Similar to CK2, which had most selling DLC "Way of Life" - please extend romance options. This thread will be updated based on feedback from various people, including adult modders. Before doing that, please change the engine so that modders could do it for you. Sorry of sth is...
  10. Ackdam

    Noble prisoners and "guests"

    A bug post was put up about an enemy noble appearing in the lord's hall of a newly acquired fief after a successful siege. The Lord/Lady would appear in the lord's hall and not have the prisoner chains icon added to their preview portrait. This is a thought of mine that spawned from that post...
  11. Why are there no duel servers?

    I was expecting that and looking forward to testing the Bannerlord combat system. Also, my casual friends don't want to start because they get owned in battles, and I cannot teach them due to lack of dueling servers... This sucks. This is so easy to implement. I heard the beta lasted so long and...
  12. Caps

    Duel Server

    Give us a DM server for duels please. Just nameing it duel might be enough for starters or appoints some admins (if there are admin tools, commands?)
  13. Hairy Yahoo

    Clans, Customization and Duel Server

    Hello, I'm a veteran warband player with more than 2,5k hours in the game. I have 3 main concerns regarding multiplayer aspect of the game (1.0.4) . First, lack of duel server. Because of that I find it hard to test and understand stun times of hits, effectiveness of footwork and outspamming...
  14. Resolved Game crashes during Spy Quest

    The quest that has you looking around for a spy results in a crash after you've won the duel against the confident contender. I'm not sure if losing will also result in a crash. but my game has crashed twice now when I've won.
  15. Game crashes during spy quest

    The quest that has you look around for the spy causes a crash once you leave the duel (assuming you win, although I haven't lost it so I can't confirm or deny if it crashes to a loss). I was wondering if anyone else has encountered this since it's happened to me twice, and if you have...
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